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Black Quinoa Salad with Garlic Scape Pesto & Dried Cherries

I don’t know if you follow my friend Melinda over at Kichen-Tested, but if you do, you’ll know why I decided to guest post this recipe on her blog. Melinda is all about being adventurous in the kitchen. She loves to pair odd ingredients (like her cinnabon onion and squash cookies or her feta shortbread cookies) and experiment with spices (like her jalapeno chocolate chip cookies or her jamaican hot pepper jelly). There is no ingredient that she won’t try at least once (beef bacon is a regular ingredient in her recipes!). But that’s not all. Not only is this talented cook and baker an amazing photographer and blogger, she also sells her gourmet pareve caramels from home. Visit kitchen-tested.com for more about Melinda and her adventures in the kitchen.

For recipe and step by step photos, visit my guest post on Kitchen-Tested.

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