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Rainbow Pommes Anna

The more I’ve been reading through Passover recipe books and surfing through recipes online, I realize just how strict my family’s customs are. On Pesach, we are truly down to the bare basics, using only vegetables that can be peeled and seasoning them simply with oil and salt. We don’t use herbs, spices or any processed ingredients like Kosher for Passover ketchup, brown sugar or sauces. My mom even makes simple syrup to use in place of sugar to sweeten dishes. Matza meal, of course, is out of the question, as we do no eat Gebroks (matza that has absorbed liquid).

Due to our stringent dietary restrictions on Pesach, we tend to make simpler, wholesome dishes that don’t require a lot of ingredients. Basics like mock chopped liver, chremslach, beet salad and orange chicken are staples in our home. When I thought about classic dishes I could reinvent for Passover, I took inspiration from¬†Pommes Anna (also called Anna potatoes), a French dish of sliced, layered potatoes that are minimally seasoned with salt and pepper and brushed liberally with butter. Using traditional Passover ingredients of beets, sweet potatoes and russet potatoes creates a stunning rainbow effect and lends a touch of sweetness to the potato cake.

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20 Non-Gebroks Things to do with Potatoes & Eggs

It’s Chol Hamoed and we’re all scrambling (pun intended!)¬†for things to make for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I don’t know about you but I can’t look at another plate of chicken and mashed potatoes. Here are some ideas for inspiration!


1. mashed potatoes
2. shepherds pie
3. fries
4. potato kugel
5. potato au gratin
6. hassleback potatoes
7. potato latkes
8. potato salad
9. potato soup
10. scalloped potatoes
11. tater tots
12. chremslach (mashed potato patties)
13. hash browns
14. potato chips
15. breakfast potatoes
16. stuffed baked potatoes (if you eat peels)
17. roasted potato wedges (if you eat peels)
18. crispy potato skins (if you eat peels)
19. smashed potatoes (if you eat peels)
20. potato blintzes (using egg crepes)


1. scrambled eggs
2. poached eggs
3. omelette’s
4. frittata
5. eggs en cocotte (baked eggs)
6. egg pizza
7. shakshuka
8. crepes
9. nut pancakes (eggs with ground nuts and sugar)
10. egg salad (how to make perfect hard boiled eggs)
11. chef salad or salad nicoise
12. deviled eggs
13. souffle
14. crustless quiche
15. egg drop soup
16. mayo/hollandaise sauce
17. creme brulee
18. sabayon
19. meringues
20. mousse

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