Paleo 30-Day Meal Plan

If you’ve made it to this page, you’ve probably seen some of my amazing Paleo dishes on Facebook, Instagram, or here, on my blog. Thanks for stopping by!

I first tried the Paleo diet when I did a Whole30 back in April 2014. I couldn’t believe how amazing I felt eating the Paleo way. I’m usually one to skip breakfast, but for 30 days I committed to three healthy and nutritious meals each day that were free of sugar, dairy, alcohol, legumes, soy, gluten, grains and additives. What did I eat? Lots of amazing dishes like almond curry stuffed sweet potatoes, broccoli quiche, cabbage and sausage egg rolls, chicken tortilla-less soup, coconut-crusted chicken burgers, fajitas and more! I chronicled my journey on Instagram, and turned it into an ebook so you can all enjoy the recipes too!

What is the Paleo 30-Day Meal Plan?

The Paleo 30-Day meal plan is an ebook that includes over 100 Paleo recipes that I developed during my Whole30. They are sugar free (there are no forms of sweetener including honey, maple syrup, sugar substitutes etc.), dairy free, alcohol free, legume free, soy free, gluten free, grain free and additive free (no MSG, carrageenan or sulfites).

What is the Paleo Diet?

The Paleo diet (also known as Primal, Caveman or Stone Age diet) is a dietary lifestyle with the core principal of eating the way our ancestors did – natural unprocessed foods that were hunted or gathered. The diet focuses on nutrient-dense foods that are found in nature including grass-fed meats, fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

What is the Whole30 Diet?

The Whole30 is a nutritional program based on the Paleo diet that is designed to change your body in 30 days. It’s a short-term nutritional reset to help you put an end to unhealthy cravings and habits and restore a healthy metabolism. Because I developed this ebook during my Whole30, all the recipes that are included in the ebook follow the Whole30 guidelines – no sugar (or sweeteners of any kind), no dairy, no alcohol, no soy, no legumes, no gluten, no grains, and no additives.

What is an ebook?

An ebook is an “electronic book”. That means that it’s not a physical hardcover book, but rather a downloadable file that you can keep on your computer and print out at home.

Why did you decide to write a Paleo ebook?

I always say that the most important thing to do on a diet is to eat well. When I did my first Whole30, I took the time to prepare 3 full meals each day. My satisfying and nutritious dishes helped me sail through my Whole30 without ever feeling hungry or deprived. When my followers started requesting all the recipes, I decided to compile them into an ebook.

What’s included?

In my Paleo 30-Day Meal Plan, you’ll receive:

– 50 pages of over 100 recipes
– Pantry and Fridge/Freezer Staples
– Building Block Recipes
– Holiday or Weekend Meal Ideas
– Snack and Dessert Ideas
– 30 Day Calendar
– Dieting Tips
– 30-Day Meal Plan with breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes for each day

How much does it cost?

The cost of the meal plan is $15 payable via paypal.

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How will I receive the ebook?

Once I receive your payment, I will email you a link to download the ebook (in PDF format) within 24 hours.

What kind of recipes are included?

In my Paleo ebook, you’ll find recipes such as Smoky Braised Chicken & Collards, Paleo Pad Thai, Sweet Potato Chili, Cucumber Sushi Rolls, and Nut-Crusted Shnitzel. In the building block recipes, you’ll find basics like 5-minute ketchup, homemade mayonnaise, zoodles (zucchini noodles) and cauliflower rice that you’ll be able to use again and again. Check out the slideshow below for a preview of some of the recipes!

Will I have to spend all day in the kitchen?

One of the things I tried to incorporate into the meal plan was utilizing leftovers. Nobody wants to sit in the kitchen all day, so meal planning is essential! On several days, I have you set aside some leftovers which are repurposed in another way the next day. Less waste and less work, who doesn’t love that?!

What if I’m not on the Paleo diet?

Yon don’t have to be on the Paleo or Whole30 program in order to purchase the ebook. It’s got lots of great family-friendly recipes that are perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner for everyone, every day!

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I would love to hear about your Whole30/Paleo journey! Please post a comment or email me at!

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        1. Not at all. I developed a bunch of recipes to make for Shabbos. I drank 100$ natural grape juice with no added sugar and I washed on Ezekiel bread which is made from sprouted grain.

  1. Nice to have some paleo recipes that don’t revolve around pork and shellfish like most of the cookbooks do. You should publish it and sell it on amazon in Hardback.

  2. I’m single and no matter how nice it is to have a day’s worth of leftovers, it’s impractical for me to make meals for 4. Do most of your recipes serve 4 or more? I wish someone would make a Paleo cookbook for one or two people!

    1. Hi! Most of them are, yes. Some recipes use sweet potatoes or butternut squash but otherwise there is no bread, grains, pasta etc since it’s Whole30. I think overall most of the recipes would work well.

  3. Hi, I signed up and paid for this–it looks wonderful! But I still haven’t received it…when can I expect an email with it?

  4. Is this cookbook still available? I’m a recently diagnosed diabetic and I think that this cookbook may be essential to my life. ;)

  5. Hi Chanie,
    What are the calorie counts per day for these recipes? I often have trouble getting enough calories when I’m on paleo diets, and then I end up eating junk to make up for it. :/

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