BBQ Pulled Chicken Sammies

BBQ Pulled Chicken Sammies

I am sure that I speak collectively (at least for the ashkenazic population) when I say that I cannot look at another potato for a long time! Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore spuds, and all their different methods of preparation…mashed, baked, fried, sliced, diced and boiled. I’ll eat a potato any way, shy of raw. But me and Mr. Potato need a break. I’ve got to show some attention to my long lost friend Mr. Bread :) We’ve been estranged for some time now and I’ve definitely missed its crunchy and chewy qualities. What better way to get reacquainted with bread then in this delicious, and easy pulled chicken sandwich! In my post for pulled beef sandwiches, I mentioned how much I loved pulled-anything. Throw it on some bread and it’s absolute perfection!

Now that I’ve covered both pulled beef and pulled chicken sandwiches, besides for the other white meat that kosher people (like myself) don’t eat, what other type of pulled sandwiches can you come up with?

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4 thoughts on “BBQ Pulled Chicken Sammies

  1. This looks so easy and good. Do you think you could make something like this in a crock pot for Shabbos?

    (and, as for your question about an alternative to beef or chicken,I know that Smoky Joe’s restaurant serves strips of seitan with bbq sauce–so that would be a pareve alternative to beef or chicken)

    1. I wouldn’t. Cooking chicken in a crockpot for that amount of time would result in a dry/burnt flavor in the chicken (even if it’s sitting in the sauce). That has been my experience.

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