Blueberry Apple Crisp

Blueberry Apple Crisp

I’m not much of a reader. I don’t have the patience to read page by page and wait for the good stuff to happen. I’d rather just watch the movie. I’m more of a magazine kind of gal, and I read them from back to front. I like short articles, little tidbits of information, and pictures – I let them do the talking! So instead of curling up to a good book on Shabbos, I have my trusty Binah magazine, the Jewish Press, and if I’m lucky, a few good food or gossip mags to boot. But I have to be honest. When it comes to The Jewish Press, I only read 2 columns – The Agunah Chronicles and Dear Dr. Yael. My husband always makes fun of me, but can I tell you a little secret? He only reads the classifieds and he’s not looking for a job!

One thing I did get out of The Jewish Press though, is the inspiration for this recipe. They used to have a health column written by a nutritionist named Shani Goldner. I actually became a client of hers, but that’s a story for another day. She has a litened up apple crisp recipe which I’ve adapted to use different types of fruits. I love to make it because it doesn’t have any margarine and it only uses one bowl. Here is my apple-blueberry version, but I have also tried this with apples and cranberries, apples and peaches, and just plain old apples. Whichever way you make it, this crisp is sure to please. You can serve it up as a side dish, or for dessert topped with vanilla ice cream.

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22 thoughts on “Blueberry Apple Crisp

  1. I’m lol because the only part of the jewish press I read is Arnold Fine’s “Remember When” and I’m in my early 20’s!

    Blueberries are my fav! Can’t wait to make this…

  2. This looks just wonderful. Personally, I read anything I can get my hands on – blogs, magazines, newspapers, books, you name it. Why watch the movie if you can read it firsthand? :)

  3. I read most of the Jewish Press — the columnists are almost all interesting in their own ways, the long page one articles are very good, and the opinion articles in the first few pages of the paper are also quite good.

  4. Yum! I’m going to make this for succos dessert…just one q – do you put the filling in a pie crust or just a dish and let the topping do the talking? Thanks!

    1. Hi Sarah! I prefer to serve it without a pie crust – it’s a crisp so that’s pretty much how crisps are served. You can make individual ones in ramekins or do it in a large pie dish. Enjoy!

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