Bubby’s Cabbage Soup with Flanken

Bubby’s Cabbage Soup with Flanken

Succos is one of my most favorite times of year. I love the smell in the air, the breeze in my hair, the fall harvest and the brilliant autumn leaves. The crisp air is the perfect backdrop for this warm, hearty soup. With cabbage, apples, tomatoes, onions and flanken in a sweet tomato broth, this bowl of goodness is sure to be a star at your Yom Tov table. The more you cook this soup, the better and thicker it becomes, so don’t mind rewarming it for several meals!

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35 thoughts on “Bubby’s Cabbage Soup with Flanken

  1. As is customary Simchas Torah, I made cabbage rolls(halipchus)filled with a meat and rice mixture. I based my recipe on this one and it came out delicious! The flanken came out soft like butter and really flavorful!

  2. Hi, I am looking at your Cabbage soup, and I was wandering if you can help me in regard to sauerkraut I just made.
    I had about 8 heads from my garden and decided to make sauerkraut, but I added too much salt and now I am not able to taste it since it is so salty. do you think I can save it by rinsing it with water few times, and place it with a fresh brine?

    1. Hi Yael, thanks for visiting! I’ve never made sauerkraut before but to my knowledge, if you’ve oversalted the batch, you need to start again from scratch. If you rinse the cabbage and start with a fresh brine, your kraut will still be salty and I don’t even want to think about how much sodium it will have. (Unless you asked right after you poured the salt and you didn’t give it a chance to sit, then that’s another story.)

  3. Hi,

    I tried this in a crockpot for Shabbos and the broth never thickened, the broth was really watery. I cooked it for 24 hours on low. Any tips/success with this in a crockpot?

    1. I made this soup in my crockpot for the first time this week as well and was very unhappy with the consistency. I would recommend simmering gently in a pot for several hours until slightly thickened.

  4. My mother’s secret ingredient for cabbage or vegetable soup was 3 cloves. It creates a savory full round flavor without heat. Most people won’t be able to identify the cloves because the flavors meld so well with the tomato, cabbage and beef.

  5. Hi- Is there anything I can replace the marrow bones with? They gross our family out but I don’t want to loose out on the taste..

  6. What size cans for the 7 cans of water? The only cans I see are the 15oz one from the tomato sauce. Please advise.
    Thank you and Shana Tova!

  7. Hi, I have been following you for awhile. I just made this soup and it is wonderful and easy. It is similiar to my Grandma Minnie’s who lived with me while I was growing up. She added 6 ginger snaps to the ingredients. I think that it helps to thicken the broth and adds an Umami (is there such a thing in Kosher cooking?) quality.
    Thank you so much for your interesting blog and instagram.

  8. If i plan to serve this chag on Saturday night, can i cook it friday and leave it on low? or how should i store it till i heat it up?

  9. My mother-in-law used to make a side sweet n sour cabbage dish (not soup) with cabbage, flanked, apples and raisins and cinnamon. Do you know a recipe for this one?

  10. My grandmother used to use sauerkraut in her soup. She used to say it made it sweet and sour.
    Have you ever tried it? I was also wondering if I could use canned tomatoes instead of fresh ones.

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