Cheese Babka Straws

Cheese Babka Straws

Babka straws were the surprise one hit wonder (ok there was more than one!) from my cookbook Millennial Kosher, and they never get old. It’s that back pocket recipe we all need for a last minute dessert, a Shabbat morning treat or a food gift for a new neighbor.

I’ll never forget happening upon a bakery stand at a Farmer’s Market in upstate New York last summer to find my babka straws being sold! I don’t know who was more excited, me or the lady who had prepared them from my book. It was so thrilling.

And of course the weekly photos that slide into my DMs every Friday of freshly baked babka straws remind me that this recipe is a keeper. And for good reason. They’re super easy, thanks to store bought puff pastry, and they come together in no time. Even your kids can make them!

In honor of the holiday of Shavuot, I decided to put a cheesy twist (pun intended!) on the classic recipe, and I may even like them better than the original.

Wishing you and yours a happy holiday!

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14 thoughts on “Cheese Babka Straws

  1. Where I live there is a shortage of block cream cheese.
    Any way to make this using whipped cream cheese?

  2. Do these have to be eaten fresh? I want to make them for yom tov but I’m worried they’ll lose their crispiness if I make them erev yom tov. Is there a good way to store them so that they’ll keep?

  3. How do I bake them after freezing them raw? Do I need to defrost them first or just bake frozen?

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