Chocolate Meltaway Cake

Chocolate Meltaway Cake

You know those insane 3-tier cakes that you see at fancy birthday parties or weddings (like these)? Well Melissa of Lil’ Miss Cakes is one of the bakers that makes those beautiful creations and I’m super stoked to have her guest post on my blog today! This whole guest blogging thing is so exciting for me because I get to introduce you to some of my all time favorite blogger friends and Melissa is one of them. I love how she posts accessible recipes for us non-professionals (like these stained glass cookies or these pumpkin chai hamantaschen). She’s really bringing it today with her twist on a yeasted babka or kokosh cake. I love me some babka, but the only time I ever make it is when I have leftover challah dough (and I don’t bake challah very often). Enter Melissa’s babka hack and you can be making a no-yeast chocolate meltaway anytime. I can’t wait to try it!

Welcome Melissa!

one of Melissa’s beautiful cakes

Hey hey! I’m Melissa of Lil’ Miss Cakes. Over on my site I kind of do it all. I share my creative cakes, share delicious and dairy-free dessert recipes, and I also design and sell custom cookie cutters. I love Chanie and her blog, she is super talented. Her food photography is stunning and her recipes are spot on, I can always find the perfect family friendly recipe to whip up for dinner. I’m so happy that the blogging world has brought us together and I’m so excited to share a recipe here with you! Thank you so much, Chanie for allowing me to guest post and congrats on your daughter, she is gorgeous! Sit back, relax, and enjoy her!

Since we all don’t always have lots of time to bake, I like to come up with impressive desserts that don’t take all day in the kitchen. I had been craving a chocolate babka/kokosh cake for a long time, but making a yeast dough is too time consuming, and doesn’t always turn out well. I needed a cake that I can mix up and bake quickly, as soon as the mood strikes. It had to be fudgy and super chocolatey, with easy to find ingredients. This cake does it all! It looks really impressive, but whips up in no time. There are a few dishes to wash, but you won’t be waiting for dough to rise all day long. There is no rolling out dough, twisting, shaping, second rising. None of that. Just mix, add to the pan, and bake. The cake is moist and tender, the chocolate is oozes everywhere, and the crumbs give the perfect amount of crunch. The best part of it all, this recipe is pareve, but I bet you won’t be able to tell!

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83 thoughts on “Chocolate Meltaway Cake

  1. Is there a specific kind of flour to make this? All I have right now is whole wheat, but I bet that won’t work.

  2. hi. this looks great! can i use almond milk instead of soy milk and does the cake freeze well, too?
    Thank you!

  3. Thank you for this recipe. I can’t wait to try it. This is one of our favorite cakes that we buy n the Bakery. I have searched the Internet over and over to try to find a recipe for it.

    1. A teaspoon of vinegar per egg in the recipe may work, but I haven’t tried that here so I don’t know for sure. Whole wheat with probably make the cake tough, white whole wheat could probably replace but again I haven’t tried that. And I don’t bake with stevia so I really don’t know about it. Making too many changes could work but it also could ruin the dessert. Good luck!

  4. I made this cake this AM in an 8×8 square. It took almost 40 mins instead of the 25 mins recommended. I hope I didn’t dry it out

    1. Yes, I actually made it by hand. Just make sure you whisk everything really well (especially the wet ingredients with the eggs). If you plan on doubling it though, I would use a mixer.

  5. I used coconut oil for the oil and margarine ingredients and coconut milk. Turned out great. My next step will be to make it vegan. I think it can easily be converted to vegan using egg substitute in the cake part. This will definitely be one of the desserts during the chagim for the benefit of the vegans and non-vegans in my family. Thanks for this recipe!!!

  6. I made the cake and found the chocolate to be grainy. Didi do something wrong? How can I get the chocolate mixture to be a smoother texture?

    1. Hmm, I’m not really sure what happened. It could be the type of margarine or oil you used that didn’t work so well. I use Fleishmann’s margarine and regular vegetable oil in baking and those give me great results.

  7. Hi
    Can I use maple syrup instead of the sugar in the cake and chocolate part?
    I assume you would need granulated sugar in the crumble part… No?

  8. You can probably substitute maple syrup for the sugar but maple syrup is a lot sweeter than sugar so you would need less. I don’t know what will happen to the consistency because maple syrup is much more liquidy and wet than sugar. Plus the color will be very different, not to mention the flavor. If you try it, let us know what happens!

  9. Dear Melissa and Chanie,

    thank you very, very much for sharing this versatile recipe! I’ve already successfully substituted soy milk with real milk or homemade liquors (cherry, black currant, red currant). Recently I also added 4 Tbsp. red currant liquor to the chocolate topping, and it came out very aromatic. Whether made with grapeseed, coconut or olive oil, the cake is extremely delicious.

    Best regards from Latvia

  10. Made this a bunch of times and always a big hit. Would like to make for shaloch monos but in mini loaf pans, any suggestions as to baking time? Thanks in advance!

  11. I just have to say this cake (and every recipe I tried of yours) is so incredibly delicious! Gets rave reviews every time I make it! So thank you so much and keep it up!

  12. Is there anyway this can be made so it is Kosher for Passover? It is my niece’s birthday and all she wants is a meltaway:(

  13. I’d love to add almond paste for a string almond flavoring. In what part would you recommend adding it and how much? Thanks!

  14. I baked it for 40 min but it still doesn’t seem ready . Is is possible that it needs more time ? I don’t want to overbake it.

      1. What texture should it be when done? I’ve tried some bakery pastries that taste like raw dough. This sounds like a delicious recipe. How do I know if it’s too doughy/chewy or underbaked?

  15. Super excited to try this!!!
    Everyones told me its delicious!!!!
    What can I subsitute for soy milk?

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