How to Make Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs


To make hard boiled eggs that are easy to peel, start with eggs that are a week or two old. Fresh eggs do not peel well. Take the eggs out of the fridge about 30 minutes before cooking (this reduces cracking due to shock from the temperature change).

Place eggs in a single layer in a saucepan. Cover them with cold water by 1 inch. Add a teaspoon of salt (it helps them peel easier). Bring water to a boil over high heat. When the water has reached a boil, cover and remove from heat. Let sit 12 minutes.

Remove eggs from water and place under cold water to stop the cooking. Peel and serve, or store, unpeeled, in an airtight container for 3 days.


Eat plain, cubed in salads, sliced in sandwiches, or deviled!

KASHRUS NOTE: When cooking eggs, make sure to boil at least three, so that if one has a blood spot, the majority will still be kosher (batul b’rov).


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3 thoughts on “How to Make Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

  1. I steam my eggs to make hard boiled eggs: put eggs in a steamer and cover. Cook on high heat for exactly 15 minutes. Immediately remove from the pot. No need to put under cold water and they peel marvelously.

  2. Just wanted to mention there are issues with peeling and storing eggs, just like cut onions. Check what your rav advises.

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