Sweet Hawaiian Chicken

Sweet Hawaiian Chicken

Sometimes I’m so busy dreaming up new dishes to wow you all, that I forget about the oldie but goody recipes like this one. This sweet and delicious chicken is a recipe I grew up eating. My mother has been making it for years, and it’s just one of those dishes that’s a keeper. The pineapple and maraschino topping provide a lovely garnish, making this the perfect chicken dish to serve over the holidays or at your next party.

If you’ve got leftover pineapple, try this delicious tropical smoothie for dessert!

1 year ago: rice pilaf
2 years ago: pretty perfection, headbands in a pinch!

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14 thoughts on “Sweet Hawaiian Chicken

  1. looks amazing, how overwhelming is the taste of ketchp in this recipe, because I’m one of the rare birds who doesn’t like it at all.

  2. I’m making it for our communal purim meal That I’m making it for. I made it for bas mitzvah and it was a huge hit

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