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  1. Amazing Jewish Budapest tour, if so sad.
    Sending some humor, just to enjoy.
    The Maven
    One upon a mid-morn bright
    While I sought a brief respite
    By eating a sandwich cornbeef on rye
    At the door there came a tapping
    Or perhaps it was more a flapping
    Stopped munching on my beefcorn I

    Opened I with trepidation
    Fearing to see what apparition
    Interrupted my repast
    Fearing what, aghast
    Perhaps a raven
    Such as plagued poor Poe
    Nothing lees and nothing mo’
    thought I

    What I saw I fear to tell
    A creature as if sent from hell
    Who let loose a horrendous cackle
    No raven he, but worse debacle
    That maven mal, the dreaded grackle
    That dotes on sandwiches –Aiiee!
    None other than cornbeef on rye

    Before I could my prize apocket
    Swooped down he upon me like a rocket
    Deigning not my humble self
    But my sandwich to pilf
    Seizing it with iron beak
    What cheek, mused I

    I felt my soul utterly beaten
    As one whose cornbeef another has eaten
    For oblivious to all entreaty
    Concerning what had been my sandwich meaty
    Continued munching, munching
    For him naught but a leisurely brunching
    The grackle on my cornbeef on rye

    Save for one other sound – beside his cackle
    Emitted by that amend grackle
    As I reached out with a sigh
    Reached out to my nevermore rye
    While the fiend never batted an eye:
    “I also like pastrami on rye”

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