Mini Pumpkin Pies for a Crowd

Mini Pumpkin Pies for a Crowd

I’m really not much of a freezer person, but there is one recipe that I make every year for the holidays and it’s this one. These mini pumpkin pies are so festive and seasonal, and they’re great to have in the freezer as a pretty and delicious side dish. I always have them on hand for last minute company and they are so kid-friendly too.

What I love about this pie is that it’s very adaptable. If you are nut free, use oats in the streusel in place of nuts. You can make large or mini pies and swap in different types of milk or oils. You can make your own pie dough or pumpkin puree, if you’re so inclined, or go for the easy store-bought variety. In short, stock your freezer and you can thank me later!

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23 thoughts on “Mini Pumpkin Pies for a Crowd

    1. The recipe makes 30 mini pies, so you can reduce the ingredients by two thirds and you’ll get 10, or, if I were you, I would just halve the recipe using a small can of pumpkin and you’ll make 15.

    1. Hey Sara, I don’t have a pie dough recipe handy because I hardly make it from scratch (!). I’m sure if you Google it, you’ll find lots of options! Best of luck!

  1. I made this for RH but in a 9-inch pie and two regular size muffin cups (I must taste it in advance, of course!) and it came out delicious. It’s so easy and was a real hit at the meal. Thank you!

  2. RE: Mini Pumpkin Pies For A Crowd

    Can you please tell me where you find the mini pie shells? Thanks so much!
    Can’t wait to try this recipe.

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