Miso Glazed Tilapia

Miso Glazed Tilapia

I hate my scale. It tells me how to feel about my body regardless of how I look in the mirror. I hate my scale. But like a magnetic force of nature, it draws me to it each morning and it dictates my day. I hate my scale. Today I weigh more, so I will feel bad about myself and I will hate how I look. Today I’ve lost a lb. so I will feel good about myself and like how I look. I hate my scale.

I want to break free of my morning ritual and throw the damned machine out the window! A number should not dictate how I feel about myself.

Rant over. (feel free to chime in).

Speaking of weighing myself, I”ve dropped a couple of digits on that godforsaken machine due to the South Beach Diet. After a Pesach filled with nonstop meals, I hopped straight onto the diet as soon as I got back from Aspen, and I’ve been sailing through due to delicious dishes such as this. Honestly, I’m not a big fan of tilapia (bottom-feeder fish that are farm-raised) so I rarely buy it, but I know that many people eat it regularly. If you don’t like tilapia, flounder makes a great substitute, so just use that instead.

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8 thoughts on “Miso Glazed Tilapia

    1. Hi Pnina, I’m not sure where you live but a lot of kosher supermarkets carry miso paste. There are different varieties of miso, the darker the miso, the less sweet it is, so make sure to buy white miso.

  1. You are so right. The scale is the best motivator and the worst motivator. Especially annoying as my body weight fluctuates throughout the month and does not necessarily have to do with what I eat. Even though I know this I still get annoyed/depressed when the numbers go up :(

  2. I hate Scale for all the same reasons. I guess knowing people have the same struggle is a kind of inspiration to continue.

  3. A lot of your recipes don’t say the YIELD. So, for this miso Tilapia the 3 filets should feed how many adults? Thanks

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