Mocha Bundt Cake

Mocha Bundt Cake

In my last post, I revealed that I recently turned the big three-o. It should come as no surprise then, that back in 2008, I celebrated my 10 year high school reunion. Together with my friend Dina (our self-appointed class president :)) and Raizy, we organized the reunion for several months, collecting recipes from our classmates and printing a professional cookbook from Morris Press Cookbooks. The reunion was a huge success, with most our class in attendance. We had the evening catered, but for the dessert table, we had several girls chip in and make some things. One of the most talked about cakes of the evening was this Mocha Bundt Cake. Since it was not included in the class recipe book, we emailed it to everyone the following day. The cake has lots of coffee, so I would recommend going with decaf. It’s moist and delicious, great for a party, or for Shabbos morning with a steaming cup of, you guessed it…coffee :)


some pics of our 10 year high school reunion.

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  1. This looks wonderful. I bet this would be cute in mishloach manot if you made it in miniature bundt pans, maybe if you had a whole coffee theme (too late for me this year, though). Carine Goren has a cute cookie recipe that takes a coffee flavored dough and shapes it like a coffee bean.

  2. I made this cake numerous times and it is delicious. I served it already as center cakes when we made a Kiddish. All was gone quite fast. The only issue I have is , by me it is a bit too crumbly when cutting it. What I did, I freeze it first then I cut it. It cuts very nicely and even. Any suggestion it should not be so crumbly. maybe to add something?

    1. Hi! Unfortunately as this isn’t my original recipe, I don’t really know what can be done to avoid that. I think your idea of freezing it first is a great idea if it works.

  3. Hello!
    When you say ‘oil’ do you mean olive oil or something more neutral like… sunflower? Thank you!

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