Nutella Banana Ice Cream

Nutella Banana Ice Cream

Now that I’ve made my homemade nutella, I’ve got to find uses for it, right? As if eating it off a spoon isn’t good enough for me…

The truth is, I am in love with banana ice cream, and I really wanted to share it with you in time for Passover! I made it for the holidays last year, and I’ve been making variations ever since.

There’s not too much to banana ice cream, and that’s precisely why I love it so much. You can say goodbye to the dozen-egg-homemade-passover-ice-cream and say hello to this no-machine, easy, healthy and no-guilt variety that’s tastes just like soft serve.

All you have to do is just slice up some ripe bananas and freeze them until a solid, just a couple of hours. Then, you pulse the bananas in the food processor until they’re very finely chopped. Keep going until the bananas are creamy and add in your flavors of choice! I love adding nut butters – like my homemade nutella – for Passover. During the year, my favorite combo is banana, peanut butter, cinnamon and maple syrup. It’s so so good.

I mean would you just look at that creamy consistency? Don’t you just want to grab a spoon and dive right in?

The best part about banana soft serve is the possibilities. Blend with strawberries, top with coconut whipped cream, stir in some chopped macaroons, or add in your favorite candied nuts!

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23 thoughts on “Nutella Banana Ice Cream

  1. If not nutella, what can I add to the bananas over Pesach. Can I add ground nuts along with frozen banana slices and process together or do I have to make nut butter first? Also, can I add other fruit, like frozen sliced strawberries and process together? I cannot wait to make it with peanut butter after, but what can I add now? Thank you so very much for all your hard work. Chag Kosher v’Sameach.

    1. You can’t add ground nuts because it will ruin the consistency – if not nut butter, then you can blend the bananas with a little cinnamon and fold in some candied nuts, or chopped macaroons. You can also pour melted chocolate slowly through the feeding tube while the machine is running and you’ll get little flecks of chocolate throughout the banana ice cream.

      And yes, you can also add fresh or frozen fruit like strawberries or other berries.

  2. I make this “ice cream” year round. Once it’s blended in the food processor I refreeze it and it scoops out like hard ice cream.
    I’ve added all kinds of mix ins as well, nutella, peanut butter, almond butter, honey, maple syrup, coconut flakes. Possibilities are endless.

  3. It looks like a must for this Passover!
    Will try it and let you know the outcome.
    Thanks for shraing!!

  4. I I made this in the summer and it was a huge hit! Now I wanted to make it for pesach so I swapped Nutella for chocolate spread… It was also amazing! What I love so much about this recipe is a few things….. Firstly it is healthy! Secondly it is so easy! Thirdly it stays soft serve even tho I made it ahead… Instead of all the garbage ice creams with loads of sugar and riches whip and beating eggs… This is healthy, tasty and perfect consistency! Thank you again! Adding this to my hit list!

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