Passion for Persimmon: Salad & Sorbet

Passion for Persimmon: Salad & Sorbet

I’ve blogged about persimmon before, but I couldn’t help exploring the overlooked fruit again since I just. can’t. get. enough. I first fell in love with persimmon when I went to seminary in Israel, where they can be found in abundance.

The most important thing to know about persimmon is this: there are 2 different types, fuyu and hachiya. They can both be enjoyed during the fall months, you just need to know how to eat them.

Don’t worry, I’ve pretty much got it all down pat. Read on and you’ll soon be on your way to persimmon heaven.

Fuyu persimmon have a squatted flat shape, almost like a tomato. They can be eaten when firm, but are best when they are just the slightest bit soft and orange in color.

My favorite way to enjoy fuju persimmon is in a salad. Use it as you would mango or papaya.

Fuyu persimmon also benefit from roasting with warm spices like cinnamon and allspice with a drizzle of honey.


Hachiya persimmon are oval-shaped and cannot be eaten unless they are incredibly ripe – almost to the point of looking rotten. Unripe hachiya persimmon will leave a dry, pithy substance in your mouth that will make you want to scream :)

My favorite way to enjoy hachiya persimmon (short of eating the silky smooth pulp with a spoon) is freezing them for a few hours until the liquid turns into a creamy sorbet. One taste and you’d never imagine it was that easy!

The silky pump of hachiya persimmons can also be mixed into baked goods like cakes and pies as well as puddings and smoothies.


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18 thoughts on “Passion for Persimmon: Salad & Sorbet

  1. Your blog keeps getting better and better, you have the perfect combination of recipes and information. I also love that little print this widget..that’s really cool!

  2. Such beautiful photos! I love that persimmon salad. I have been making something similar all fall, using butter lettuce instead of kale, and adding a sprinkle of pistachios in addition to the pomegranate. I am going to have to try it with the kale next time I make it.

    1. thanks Shoshana! I got mixed reviews on the raw kale when I served this. Some people loved it. Others, not so much. You can try baby kale – it has a milder bite.

  3. Wow, your photos are gorgeous!

    I’m too chicken to buy persimmons, though they look so tempting at the fruit store now that they’re in season. We’ve had a bad experience with them in the past (the way you described that taste was so exact–yuch!) and my husband has been permanently scared off. I’m terrified of picking out an unripe one.

  4. I never tried a memories of this fruit is of the fuyu. How do I know? I had a rabbi in sem who sat with a little knife and a few of those, and would slice a piece and eat it as we read from the Rashi!

  5. Great idea this sorbet! I have eaten hachiya persimmons all my life. For a special treat at breakfast , I toast two pieces of white bread then spread a layer of cottage cheese and a layer of persimmon pulp on the top. It’s so jammy when it’s ripe . It’s like eating a danish ! Try it!

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