Peanut Butter Bars

Peanut Butter Bars

Ah, chometzfest! That day or two after Passover when we stuff our faces with all the delicious foods we’ve missed for 8 days.

Yes – just 8 days! What is it about Pesach that leaves us craving chometz (leaven food that’s prohibited during Passover) so much? It’s just over a week and we can barely hold out for our pizza. Is it just a case of wanting what you can’t have?

I can still remember the lines around the block of the pizza store a mere hour or two after Pesach ends. Who’s not guilty of standing on those endless lines for a fresh hot slice of cheesy heaven?

Now that I have my own kids, I’m not about to waste my time waiting for pizza. Instead, we break out a couple of boxes of fun sugary cereal for a Cereal Chometz Party. My kids can’t get enough, and the pizza can wait for another day.

The next morning, I whip out some fresh, hot pancakes or cake, to enjoy the crumby deliciousness with a cup of hot coffee.  Now, that is what I miss over Passover. And peanut butter, of course!

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9 thoughts on “Peanut Butter Bars

  1. i definitely can’t live without peanut butter for a week! you answered my weeklong question of whether peanuts are kitniyot. this sephardi asked lots of people on my ashkenaz pesach trip and nobody could give me an answer!

  2. Oh gosh, what can I say. These look too good to be believed. Peanut butter cookies are a favorite I almost never make because I cant stop eating them. But your bars are irresistible. Have to do it.

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