Purim Busy Bees

Purim Busy Bees

I like to look out for good deals on costumes during the post-Halloween season. I found these adorable bee costumes for my girls on Carters.com, and I just had to buy them.

After having a baby recently, I realized I would need a matching bee costume for him too. But instead of spending the money on a bunting outfit that would probably be hot and uncomfortable, I decided to crochet a bee hat, and just dress him in all black. With Purim soon approaching, I ordered black and yellow yarn, and crocheted the hat a few days ago. I love how it turned out!

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7 thoughts on “Purim Busy Bees

  1. That is so adorable I can’t even take it. I have no idea what to do with my kids. My son wants to be Thomas again and my daughter wants to be Barney. Every year, my mother would make me a Queen Esther costume, and that was it. I would love to dress my daughter up like that–what’s with the Barney thing?

    1. How old is your daughter? I’m lucky that my kids are still young and I can get them to wear whatever I think is cute!

  2. Chanie,
    Adorable costume! Love how the hat came out – can’t wait to see a pic of the 3 of them on purim! What’s the theme for shalach manos – something with honey :)!?

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