Something Sweet Review & Giveaway

Something Sweet Review & Giveaway

I can’t remember the last time I was this excited about a cookbook. OK maybe I do. It was Ottolenghi’s Plenty More. But other than Ottolenghi books, I don’t usually count the days until a cookbook comes out. It’s different when that cookbook is written by a friend and fellow kosher blogger, and when it’s jam-packed with mouthwatering desserts. Only desserts. 

The talented Miriam Pascal of OvertimeCook has been giving me (and all her readers!) sneak peeks into her cookbook for months now. As a foodie friend and fellow food photographer, I got a behind-the-scenes look at Miriam’s amazing photography, and I couldn’t wait to see it in print. Miriam and I started our blogs around the same time, back in 2011. We both had little experience with photography, but as our blogs grew, our photography improved and so did our traffic. As a food blogger, Miriam takes the cake (literally) for the most amazing desserts that she posts on her blog, as well as in her food column for Ami Magazine. I’m not much of a baker, but when I actually feel like shlepping out my kitchenaid, I turn to Miriam for delicious, no-fail recipes every time. I’m so proud of her achievement, that I even filled in for her, guest posting on her blog while she was busy putting the finishing touches on this book.

Leave it to Miriam, I just knew there would be no stone left unturned in her cookbook. She has literally covered all the bases, from a baking guide, to ingredient substitutions, kitchen equipment, baking tips and a holiday guide. I love the range of desserts she covers, including cookies and bars, cakes and cupcakes, muffins and pastries, pies and tarts, desserts and party treats, candy and chocolate, drinks and frozen treats and finally, frosting and toppings. That last one seriously has me drooling. I am a frosting addict.

Now not only did Miriam cover pretty much every dessert you can think of, she also listened closely to her reader’s requests, and developed recipes like no-margarine chocolate chip cookies, no-margarine sugar cookies, healthy muffins, egg-free chocolate mousse and even a coconut oil pie crust (I truly appreciate this one!). The best part about the recipes in Something Sweet is that they are truly accessible. Nothing is over-the-top fancy and all the recipes use basic ingredients that we can all find in our pantry.

Many of my followers know that I’m not a big baker, so I truly appreciate the clearly written recipes, thoughtful variations and plan ahead options. I don’t think there’s a single recipe in Something Sweet that overwhelms me, and that says a lot! Some of the recipes I’ve got my eye on include the bourbon pecan snowball cookies, gingerbread biscotti, oatmeal cookie wedges, honey sour cream pound cake and cinnamon cheese buns.

It doesn’t get more perfect than gorgeous photos, great recipes and an all-around well-written book. Congrats to Miriam on this tremendous achievement!

I’m excited to be giving away a copy of SOMETHING SWEET just in time for the holidays! To enter:

  1. Comment on this post and share your favorite “something sweet” (it can be food or dessert).
  2. For an extra entry, follow Busy In Brooklyn via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. Just be sure to leave a note in the comment letting me know where you follow.

Giveaway is open to U.S. residents (for international entries, prize can only be shipped in the U.S.). Winner will be chosen at random at 10:00 AM EST on Monday, September 21st, 2015.

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152 thoughts on “Something Sweet Review & Giveaway

  1. I do love Miriam chocolate chip cookies…..however my favorite “something sweet” would probably be a piece of Godiva chocolate….which I rarely treat myself to.

  2. 1. The margarine free chocolate chip cookies are amazing!
    2. Follow on FB and Pinterest. Your pinterest boards are amazing, btw!

  3. Love baking, so hard to pick just one thing,but love cinnamon buns! Would love miriams new cookbook, she always has awesome recipes!

  4. My favorite dessert is strawberry shortcake. I follow you on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Yep all over, love ur recipes!

  5. I love the milkshakes and smoothies! Yum! I hope I win this cookbook! Also, I am following Busy in Brooklyn on facebook :)

  6. Favorite marble cake (adapted from chic cookbook)
    Mix 1 cup of oil with 3/4 cup of sugar (recipe calls for 1 cup)
    Add 5 eggs one at a time (recipe calls for 6)
    Add 1 tsp vanilla extract and 1 tsp baking powder
    Mix well add a pinch of salt
    Add 2 cups of flour

    Pour batter in well greased bundt pan leaving 1 cup of batter aside (you can also use a 9×13 for this)
    Mix 3/4 cup of chocolate syrup with the 1 cup of batter pour over the cake and with a fork make swirls to give it the marble effect.
    Bake in oven at 350 for 60 min

    Enjoy! I follow you on blog instagram and facebook :-)

  7. I made these cupcakes for Rosh Hashana (got the recipe from Artscroll website). Didn’t even get a chance to glaze them. As soon as they were out of the oven, ‘may I pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeese’ try it began and then it was time for snack, so we had them dipped in yogurt with some pomegranate arils and then there was only one left, which became breakfast for me with coffee this time. May I’ll get to glaze them next time.

    1. I love cakes & cookies. Almost any dessert:) would love to win to get to try the recipes!!
      I follow u on fb, ig & Pinterest!

  8. I love cheesecake!! Especially Miriams no bake lemon cheesecake mousse cups ;}
    and I follow you on Instagram, thanks!

  9. I love Miriam’s cinnamon bun recipe, the one with the almond milk instead of water! I follow you on Instragram and really enjoy seeing what you cook:)

  10. I normally hate honey cake, but for rosh hashanah this year, i borrowed something sweet from a friend and the honey chocolate chip cookies were soo good.

  11. My 15-year-old daughter recently learned to make crepes. They are delicious and have become our go to dessert. I’d love to win the book for her! She’s a great baker because she reads directions- a skill she didn’t learn from me!

  12. Sooo hard to pick just one thing but I love cinnamon crumb cake and chocolate covered pretzels…and doughnuts…and cheesecake. K I’m ganna stop now bc I can go on and on.

    I follow you on Facebook and instagram:)

  13. My favorite dessert … That’s a hard one, I have way too many. I like warm desserts like chocolate soufflé or apple crumble with vanilla ice cream, or warm cinnamon buns or fresh choc chip cookies mmmmmm I’m getting hungry!
    I follow you on Pinterest and Instagram.

  14. i love fruit desserts- apple or blueberry. I follow you on Facebook and Pinterest. Love your cooking and Miriam’s!

  15. Chocolate nut bars!
    Ice been following overtime for three years and constantly recommending her recipes to others as well!!

  16. These look amazing! My fave something sweet is a toss up between oatmeal chip cookies and cheesecakes! I just followed you on facebook!

  17. looovveee the chocolate peanut butter pie so easy and amazing !!!
    I follow you on pinterest , instagram and facebook
    Hope I win IYH !!!!

  18. I just made these cupcakes and while they taste great, the color of the cupcake is completely different from the color of the cupcake in the picture. The cupcakes in the picture look like regular vanilla cupcakes. The cupcakes with the 1/2C pomegranate juice added look bluish/grey..not very visually appealing :/ I used the POM pomegranate juice. Should I have used something else?

    1. How weird! This is not my recipe, it is a sample recipe from the cookbook. I suggest you email the cookbook author. Her blog is Good luck!

  19. This couscous cranberry dish has two dishes in one.Looks yummy. I love to make a GF cornbread stuffing…and pack double the amount of mushrooms, celery, onions to the cornbread that is made separately. Cube the cornbread, add veggies and place in a casserole to bake.

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