Spinach Falafel Burger

Spinach Falafel Burger

I’m pretty particular about how I like my falafel. And if you’re a true falafel lover, then I’m sure you are too! My first falafel rule of thumb is: it’s got to be GREEN!

Green falafel means it’s got a lot of herbs mixed in, which make them incredibly moist. If they’re too beige, they almost certainly have flour added, which makes them especially dry. The worst thing about dry falafel is that it gets stuck in your throat and you’re almost choking on the cardboard bits. YUCK.

That’s the other thing about falafel – it’s got to be fried. Baked falafel just isn’t the same! It’s the same thing with donuts. If you’re gonna have a donut, then have a donut. Just don’t bake it and squeeze the life out of the crispy fried donut dream.

And I’m not just saying it. I know because I put this recipe to the test – baked vs. fried. Sure the baked falafel patties were edible. A bit crispy, even. But they didn’t stand a chance near the uber crispy fried ones – with a moist and fluffy center and the crunchiest crust you’ve ever had.

You’re probably wondering where I came up with the idea of making spinach falafel. Well, I’ll tell you. My husband and I are both seriously averse to cilantro. It’s good that we’re on the same page about it, because otherwise we’d be having a fight every time I make Pad Thai. But there’s another issue too. My husband doesn’t like parsley either. And I do. So when it comes to dishes like falafel (especially green falafel), what’s a girl to do? Especially a girl with a cardinal rule of green falafel. She adds spinach (and sneaks in a little parsley!)…just don’t tell the hubby ;)

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34 thoughts on “Spinach Falafel Burger

  1. Best green falafel I have ever tasted was at Jerusalem Pizza in Livingston NJ. If you’re ever there, you should try it!

  2. like you, I enjoy felafel but, also like you, I dislike to dry dry ones and just like you I love them green and fried. I am totally making this recipe! Yum-o!

      1. Hi Chanie,
        Truthfully, it could have used a bit of flour but I didn’t bother adding and almost all of them held together just fine. In the future I would probably consider adding some flour though.

        One question for you, can I freeze raw falafel batter? We loved it straight off the stove but since we have leftovers, the next day I heated them up again but they weren’t as much of a hit reheated. So I’m wondering if I can shape them, freeze and then fry. Do you think that would work? Thanks

        1. Thanks! I didn’t need any flour, but one reader told me that hers was falling apart, so I was just curious. I’m not sure about freezing raw falafel batter. My concern is that it might become too wet and it will be too difficult to remove the excess moisture. I have frozen these already cooked and they were great – but I agree, there is nothing like fresh fried falafel – straight out of the pan!

  3. I was wondering how many cups of dried chick peas were in a lb? I don’t have a weigh to measure and buy mine in bulk.

  4. Where did you get that metallic container/bucket that has the falafel in it? I love it and wanted to get something similar for my rosh hashanah desserts that I’m sending as gifts.

  5. Hi. What kind of bun did you use? I am gluten intolerant. I’ve had a hard time finding a decent bun sold in stores! Thanks!

    1. HI Naami, not exactly. Canned chickpeas don’t work the same way that dried ones do. If you are ok with adjusting the recipe, then go for it, but i can’t tell you exactly which adjustments to make without testing it first.

      1. Thanks Chanie. I used canned chick peas and they were falling apart, but I added an egg white and some potato starch and they are perfect!

  6. I opted to bake these because I hate the mess of frying stuff in a pan. Anyways, it’s been baking for over 40 mins and still pretty mushy. Tried to take one out the pan and it felt apart. Not sure what went wrong but the flavor is perfect.

  7. I made it as falafel balls, it came out amazing and didn’t fall apart!
    It was a huge hit:)
    Also I froze a half of the batter, and it tasted delicious when I made it:!
    Thank you for this delicious recipe.

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