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2-Ingredient Lazy Meatballs

We all have those days. You know, when you’re up all night with a sick child (or spouse) and you walk around in a daze barely able to cope. Or when you’re just too tired or sick to even think of making supper. Cereal and milk or grilled cheese will do every now and then, but it’s great to have a quick and easy meal that’s also healthy and hearty – to fall back on.

Would you believe it if I told you that you could make meatballs with just 2 ingredients? That’s right – just TWO ingredients! It’s why I call ’em lazy meatballs. But you know what? You’d never know it. I serve these up in front of my kiddies and they are as thankful as ever. You’d think I slaved over them for hours. They’re tasty, moist and perfect over some rice or spaghetti.

Actually, speaking of spaghetti, I’ll tell you something else. I usually prepare a big batch of these babies. The first night, I serve em up over rice. Then, the next night, I take whatever’s left and mash ’em up with a potato masher. The meatballs fall apart into the marinara for a split-second “bolognese”. I spoon the meat sauce right over some spaghetti and I’m the best momma ever.

The secret to these meatballs is NOT to use lean ground beef. The extra fat keeps the meatballs moist, so you don’t need to add anything else to them. The minimal handling of the meat as well as the small size of the meatballs also contribute to their tenderness.


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Mazal Tov!

I bet you’ve all been wondering what I’ve been cooking up lately (since I’m usually so consistent with my posts). Well, it turns out, this recipe has been a long time in coming. Nine months in fact. And it’s the most delicious thing I have ever made! It’s a BIB baby boy, mazal tov!

I’m going to try not to get all sappy on you guys. And besides, this whole no-sleeping thing has kind of rendered me speechless (read: writers block). But I’ll say this: I am gushing. My heart is overflowing with the greatest joy and gratitude for this miraculous blessing. I am truly thankful to Hashem for the special gift of motherhood.

Hold tight. BIB is not going anywhere. Being the loyal blogger that I am – I’ve been cooking up pumpkinlicious fall favorites, Thanksgivukkah mashup dishes, and fried Chanukah goodies for a while now. And they’re all coming your way soon! Stay tuned for pumpkin pot pie, pumpkin cheese latkes, zucchini parmesan chips, root veggie latkes and a special Chanukah craft! There’s also lots of great giveaways coming up, including “The Holiday Kosher Baker”, “Starters & Sides Made Easy”, and much more!

Post your mazal tov wishes!