Breaded Gefilte Fish Patties

Breaded Gefilte Fish Patties

I think I have tried every possible cooking method¬†for gefilte fish (many ideas to come in the future!)…boiled gefilte, baked gefilte, fish latkes, fish balls,¬†gefilte loaf…Why? well for one, I like to change up the menu. I never make the same things for Shabbos, I’m always coming up with something different to try. Additionally, I love to entertain, and if you’re having a lot of guests, fish can be quite pricey. Eight pieces of salmon can run you upwards of $30. Gefilte fish, even if you are making two packages, will run you about $5-$6 each.

My kids absolutely adore fish latkes. I even make it for supper on occasion. It’s something about finger food, where they can just hold it in a napkin and bite into it, that makes them love it so much. I like to convince myself that it’s packed with protein, but really, I do wonder, how much fish is there really in gefilte fish!

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17 thoughts on “Breaded Gefilte Fish Patties

  1. These gefilte fish patties look so yummy! Do you serve the cold, room temperature or warm? Can’t wait to try it out!

    1. They are! They are best fresh, at room temperature, when the outside is kind of crispy. But they are still delicious cold, on shabbos day.

    1. Now that I think about it, maybe more like 3-4 minutes. Keep your fire on a medium flame so it doesn’t brown too fast (but not too low or they’ll be soggy instead of crispy).

  2. I’ve made this before, and served it cold on Shabbos and everyone loved it.

    But, you also make Gefilte Fish latkes? What is that?

    1. I will post it one of these weeks. It’s also like patties – you just add things to the mixture (instead of just cutting into slices), make patties and then simmer in a vegetable tomato sauce.

  3. This works great for Pesach as well. You can either dip it in egg or fry it plain– I’ve done it both ways and its great.

    Chanie, your blog is great! I really enjoy your posts. Keep up the good work!!

    1. To bake, brush the fish with oil or mayo (don’t soak!) and then coat with breadcrumbs. You can also try dipping into egg and crumbs but the oil or mayo will leave you with a crispier (oven-fried) patty.

  4. I like to experiment with gefilte loaves also. I once made balls out of the fish and froze them. I was looking for kneidlach at a later date and mistakenly took out the fish. Even at that, I dropped them into the chicken soup and it wasn’t until I had served the dishes that it dawned on me what I had done. We had to throw it all out.

  5. This was my first thing I cooked after my Chasuna as part of a lunch my husband loved it snd I make it ever since. I usually make it for shabbos meals and it tastes delicious even on shabbos morning when it’s cold already.
    Super easy and delicious

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