Perfect Pareve French Toast

Perfect Pareve French Toast

If you oftentimes have leftover challah, as I do, I’m sure you couldn’t think of a better way to use it then for delicious french toast smothered in maple syrup (ok, maybe for some bread pudding with some raisins and rum!). Now since I’ve got a child who’s severely allergic to dairy, I have to come up with ways to substitute for the real thing. In this recipe, almond milk does a great job. It’s rich, sweet, and flavorful. And between the eggs and the almonds, it helps add some protein to what feels like a loaded carbohydrate meal (talk about deguiltifying comfort food!). So go ahead, whip up a batch for breakfast, brunch, or even dinner (as I did!)

Of course, if you’re able, go all out and use the real thing with whole milk and fry in good old butter!

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9 thoughts on “Perfect Pareve French Toast

  1. Ooh, what a great idea to make this pareve. You could also make a baked French toast casserole–you just pop it in the oven, no standing over the stove. I just posted a very dairy version with chocolate challah, but I am thinking it could be made pareve.

  2. Shalom! Thank you for this amazing recipe. It is delicious. How many cups of flours would it be if I decide to do half of the recipe? Thank you

  3. How many cups do I use if I want to split the recipe in half? I like the idea of not using the egg.

    Thank you,
    Zorah Cheszes (Toronto, Ontario)

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