Butter Rum “L’chaim” Cake

Butter Rum “L’chaim” Cake

I don’t remember where or when my mother got this recipe. All I know is, it’s been in my family for years. Since it’s soaked in rum, we aptly call it the L’chaim cake. Whenever there is cause for a simcha, we make this cake and send it over to our family or friends who are celebrating.

While I wouldn’t normally bake with a cake mix, this recipe is the exception. It’s so easy to prepare, you’ll want to start making it for all your family get-together’s too. Your Purim seudah is the perfect place to start.



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6 thoughts on “Butter Rum “L’chaim” Cake

  1. That’s really funny- My mother also has been making this cake for years! you can find the recipe on the Duncan Hines website, but I am pretty sure she clipped it years ago from a Good Housekeeping magazine. I love it : )

  2. When I was asked to bring dessert to the Purim Seudah, I was so excited to say ‘Yes’! I knew exactly what I was gonna bring… This cake!! :) thanks for sharing!!

  3. Hi Chanie,

    could you please post your mother’s original recipe of this cake? It would be really useful, as I don’t use cake mixes which are available in our supermarkets.

    Thank you in advance!

    Kind regards from Latvia.

    1. Hi Chavah. My mom uses this exact recipe, she’s never made it from scratch. Perhaps you can just search for a classic yellow cake recipe and use that.

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