Draidel Snowglobe

Draidel Snowglobe

Who doesn’t love Chanukah? We get to eat fried foods, unwrap presents, eat pockets full of chocolate change and gample on draidel games. For me, Chanukah is UBER special because it’s my birthday, my anniversary, and the anniversary of my son’s bris. I know, I know, I lose out on the presents, but the truth is, it doesn’t really matter. Chanukah makes me realize just how blessed I am and that is good enough for me!

Nothing evokes the spirit of the holidays more than snowglobes. But try and find one that doesn’t include a reindeer, evergreen or snowman – pretty impossible. This year, I decided to make my own Chanukah creation. It was inspired by the landmark dreidel that sits in front of the Jewish Children’s Museum in Brooklyn (if you haven’t gone yet, you must take your kids there for Chanukah!).

You’ll be surprised just how easy it is to make your own snowglobe. Go ahead and include whatever figurine you’d like. A menorah would work really well too.

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21 thoughts on “Draidel Snowglobe

  1. I love snow globes–this is such a fantastic idea. I wonder if this could be worked into a centerpiece or as part of (and I hate this word, but I can’t think of another) a tablescape for a Chanukah party.

    1. I think it would work beautifully with a few different jars of various sizes and shapes. You can use a jelly jar, tall olive jar, baby food jar etc..

    1. It’s just a plastic draidel. The stores are full of them before Chanukah! Since it’s plastic, it won’t tarnish. Good luck!

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