Election Day Cookies!

Election Day Cookies!

I have to admit that I like to stay out of politics. Especially this year, with Covid, the BLM movement, and the Biden/Trump campaigns, it’s a LOT. Most days I’m just struggling to get dinner on the table and my kids into bed!

But I definitely recognize that as a proud American, I have the privilege to VOTE. It’s my patriotic right, no, duty, to have my voice heard!

I’m thankful to live in this country, with all it’s craziness these days, and even though I steer clear of politics, and I definitely don’t believe in pushing a political agenda on a food-related platform, I still encourage you to go out and V-O-T-E.

So in honor of election day, which only comes around every four years, I thought it would be fun to bake up some black and white cookies, but patriotic. How fun?!

I had a blast making these and after researching a whole lot of recipes, I really kept it simple without any cake flour or lemon extract – just simple ingredients that you have at home so you can whip these up easily. Sour cream is necessary though, for that tender crumb, but you can easily go pareve with vegan sour cream.

Feel free to use this recipe for class black and whites, just stir some melted chocolate into half the glaze and omit the food coloring!

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2 thoughts on “Election Day Cookies!

  1. The black and white / turned red and blue cookies are adorable and a fun way to celebrate Election Day!

    While we vote for president just once every 4 years, we have elections every year! This year, we voted for representatives up and down the ballot, including state representatives, in addition to House candidates, Senators (in states where there were senate elections), and some ballots had city election contests, sometimes county commissioner or sheriff races, and usuajudge elections.

    I’ve realized over the many years that I’ve voted that officials at all levels of our government have some kind of impact on my life, and it is well worth paying attention and participating in the process of choosing them.

    Plus, there are cookies!! So, why not celebrate every year?

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