Bubby’s Marble Cake

Bubby’s Marble Cake

I think about my Bubby a lot this time of year. Oh how I miss her. 

On the eve of Yom Kippur, just as we finished the first pre-fast meal, we’d walk over to her house to ask for a piece of lekach, or honey cake. This custom was instituted as a means of asking for something, in case it had been decreed that during the year one would need to resort to a handout from others, the decree would be satisfied with the asking for honey cake.

(Bubby’s recipe cards for Marble Cake)

One by one, my siblings and I would walk over to Bubby and whisper in yiddish, “Biteh ken ich huben lekach“, or “Please can I have a piece of honey cake”. We didn’t speak yiddish from home, but it was customary to ask in the yiddish language, and Bubby would wait patiently until we said it before handing us a piece wrapped in a white napkin. She would bless us with a myriad of blessings for the year, kissing our foreheads as the line to retrieve her cake wrapped in blessings continued to grow with cousins, aunts and uncles.

When my Zaidy was still alive, we were lucky enough to be blessed by his holy hands, as he cried and patted us on on the forehead in the way only he knew how.

On Sukkos, our house was permeated with the smell of Bubby’s stuffed cabbage and there was nothing like it. Her secret was adding ketchup to the meat mixture to keep it soft, sweet and juicy. And it was the BEST.

But really, Bubby was known for her cakes, and when my mom was growing up, she would always come home to a freshly baked cake after school each day. There was Bubby’s chocolate cake, her honey cake, blueberry pie cake, and of course, her marble cake. And I’m so proud to share a little piece of her with you all as I think of her this holiday season.

Chag Sameach!

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17 thoughts on “Bubby’s Marble Cake

  1. I miss your bubby too!
    I was her neighbor the last few years of her life and loved her dearly.
    She was super proud of you, spoke about you all the time…
    Will definitely make this marble cake.
    Wishing you all the brachos in the coming year

  2. I made a double batch for Succos. This is a winner recipe. So easy to put together and delicious. We will be thinking of your Bubby as we enjoy it. Thank you for sharing!

  3. This looks delicious. The slices of cake in your picture look like they’re from a loaf pan – what size did you use and how many loaf pans would this recipe make? Thanks!

  4. The recipe looks just like my mom used to write, pieces of paper and index cards. I saved them for my kids. Did you bake yours in a loaf pan?

  5. I made the marble cake and it was absolutely perfect. Usually when I bake a cake I make a couple of fatal errors but somehow the recipe was written really well and it was easy to follow. I also used Brodie’s self raising flour and it was really good. And I also use a ring pan instead of a rectangular it was so delicious. I was told it was as good as a cake mix and I actually consider that a compliment because this was real.!!!! Nothing artificial

  6. Delicious! I made it in a Bundt pan, and no matter how much I sprayed the pan (tried twice), it stuck to the top. Any thoughts?

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