Chocolate Chip Sticks


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31 thoughts on “Chocolate Chip Sticks

  1. These are the greatest cookies, and we love that they don’t have margarine in them. I think I’ve made 10 batches in 4 weeks.
    Thanks for the amazing recipe!!

  2. Have share this link with so many friends looking for a cookie to make without margarine. We have been making them for a while with spelt flour for my non-wheat eating granddaughter. Still a huge hit, and much better than any bought cookie!

  3. I made them so many times in such a short time!!!
    I love them crispy on the outside and chewy in the inside
    I’m craving them right now but I’m fasting 😔 😉

  4. The original recipe in Kosher Palette only calls for 1/2 cup chocolate chips. No wonder my first two batches had a ridiculous amount of chips in them.

  5. A friend of mine brought these over and they were fantastic. I’ve made then the last 2 weeks and they’ve been coming out lumpy. Has anyone else had this problem? How do I fix it?

  6. These are amazing! The past few times I’ve made them, the batter has been very crumbly when I mix by hand or with a mixer. Would it help if I first blended the eggs and oil and then add everything else?

  7. My 4th batch. This time I mixed oil,sugars vanilla and egg before I added the dry ingredients . This batch was the easiest to form.
    A wonderful recipe! Thank you.

  8. This was super yummy, thank you!! L’cavod Shabbos!
    Did you double the recipe to make the bars that are pictured here? I didn’t double it, and i don’t think my logs are as long as yours. It looked quite small.

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