Linguini Lasagna

Linguini Lasagna

With the nine days* upon us, we’re all looking for a quick fix dairy dinner that doesn’t require oven time. At least here in Brooklyn, where the weather has been stifling hot and humid.  A nice big salad would make for the perfect meal, but I’ve got kids to feed, and salad is just not gonna cut it. My kids adore lasagna, but all that prep and cooking time is too much on these long summer days. My solution? a one-pot pasta dinner with all the lasagna components. The best part is, you can customize it to include all your favorite lasagna fillings. I knew I did well when I served this up and my daughter’s first words were “this tastes like Bubby’s lasagna!” Use store-bought marinara to save on prep time, or prepare your own original recipe.

What recipes are you serving up during the Nine Days? On my menu this week:

Monday: baked ziti and greek salad
Tuesday: crispy beer battered fish tacos from The Shiksa
Wednesday: light eggplant parmesan (no breading)
Thursday: quesadillas with assorted fillings

For more great Nine Days menu ideas, check out last years post.

*The Nine Days is a mourning period over the destruction of the Holy Temple. During this time, observant Jews abstain from eating meat and drinking wine as well as other joyous activities.


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20 thoughts on “Linguini Lasagna

    1. yes! I was too lazy to wait for them to thaw so I just put them in the pot like that. I don’t recommend doing that, it imparted a hint of bitterness to the dish.

  1. Love pasta dishes and this is such a clever way to incorporate lasagna into a meal without having to go through all the prep! Love how adaptable it is too!

  2. I tried this recipe last week – with spinach, zucchini and mushrooms. It was AMAZING – thanks for all of your delicious and wonderful recipes.

  3. With my own sauce, I do this, too! The only differences are that my Hubby likes a finer noodle like spaghettini, or even vermicelli (I think I did it once with 1/4 egg noodles, I thought these were great and they don’t have to be wound like long pasta shapes), and I do not use spinach, but use lots of bell pepper, both red and green. Also, in cooler weather, I often put it in a pyrex bowl, puts lots of Parmesan and Romano on tip and bake it in the oven.

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