Rainbow Pommes Anna

Rainbow Pommes Anna

The more I’ve been reading through Passover recipe books and surfing through recipes online, I realize just how strict my family’s customs are. On Pesach, we are truly down to the bare basics, using only vegetables that can be peeled and seasoning them simply with oil and salt. We don’t use herbs, spices or any processed ingredients like Kosher for Passover ketchup, brown sugar or sauces. My mom even makes simple syrup to use in place of sugar to sweeten dishes. Matza meal, of course, is out of the question, as we do no eat Gebroks (matza that has absorbed liquid).

Due to our stringent dietary restrictions on Pesach, we tend to make simpler, wholesome dishes that don’t require a lot of ingredients. Basics like mock chopped liver, chremslach, beet salad and orange chicken are staples in our home. When I thought about classic dishes I could reinvent for Passover, I took inspiration from┬áPommes Anna (also called Anna potatoes), a French dish of sliced, layered potatoes that are minimally seasoned with salt and pepper and brushed liberally with butter. Using traditional Passover ingredients of beets, sweet potatoes and russet potatoes creates a stunning rainbow effect and lends a touch of sweetness to the potato cake.

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16 thoughts on “Rainbow Pommes Anna

  1. So excited to try this! i was looking for another side for shabbos- looks so pretty! I thought we were pretty strict too…until I met menachem. we dont use oil- or shmaltz (cuz i cant stand it) and Ive began such healthy cooking habits! nearly everything works in water. Thanks chanie!

  2. oh wow that really doesn’t leave much choice for food variety.

    Nevertheless the dish in this post appeals to me.

  3. You and I keep similar Pesach minhagim (salt, pepper, cinnamon, sugar, vanilla sugar, cocoa and oil are the only spices I use and all fruits and vegs have to be ones that are traditionally peeled. Also no gebrokts) I may be adding this to my collection of Pesach recipes – its looks fantastic

  4. Sometimes the challenge of prohibitions makes people even more creative. It’s more difficult, but can be so rewarding to work within stringent rules. Seems as if you have made some delicious foods despite all the prohibitions. This is beautiful too.

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