Savory Pomegranate Roast
with Garlic & Cipollini Onions

Savory Pomegranate Roast
with Garlic & Cipollini Onions

I’m not really one of those people that goes into the butcher knowing what type of roast I want to make for the holidays. I just look for what’s on sale, or which roast is going to give me the most bang for my buck and I take it home. Once you understand the basics to purchasing and preparing kosher meat, you don’t have to feel stuck on a certain cut and you can feel free to choose.

It was a few days before Rosh Hashanah when I unwrapped my square roast, wondering how I would prepare it. I had so many sweet side dishes that I wanted to go for something savory – but I also wanted to play on the Jewish New Year concept. I decided to work with pomegranate molasses – a tangy condiment that’s made by reducing pomegranate juice, and pair it with savory ingredients like garlic, onions and rosemary.

When you’re preparing a new recipe and testing it on a roast, it’s always a guessing game on just how tender it’s going to turn out. I usually like to use wine or tomatoes to help tenderize my meats, but I was shocked to see how soft and buttery this roast came out without it. It was so tender, you could eat it with a spoon! And the gravy – oh my! It was thick and delicious, with a hint of tang, filled with creamy pieces of garlic and cipollini onions that practically melted into the sauce. I’d definitely call this a winner, and that’s why I’m posting it! Chag Sameach!

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34 thoughts on “Savory Pomegranate Roast
with Garlic & Cipollini Onions

    1. I’m probably responding too late to this (sorry!) but I think a brisket could work. I would just check for tenderness by sticking a fork in it, and cooking longer, if needed.

  1. Hi! do you know If “pomegranate sauce” will work? Also, is there a substitute you can recommend for cipollini onions? Thanks!

      1. Ok thanks. It’s too late for me now because I already started cooking but do you cook meat with the net wrapper or do you take it off?

        1. When meat is in a net, it’s usually because it’s more than one piece being held together into the shape of a roast, if you take off the net, the roast will fall apart into pieces. You can only remove it after cooking.

    1. I’m not sure if you have my cookbook but the parsnip puree or the lokshin and cabbage with apples and honey are both really good. Otherwise you can do some mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes with a side of green beans or asparagus.

  2. I haven’t found the Sadaf pomegranate concentrate that you prefer. Would this work with any pomegranate molasses? It also seems to be called paste sometimes. Do you have another brand that you recommend?

    1. I purchased pomegranate molasses at Evergreen it’s referred to as pomegranate sauce
      It’s an israeli brand called וילי פוד

  3. hi sadaf makes a pomogranate concentrate as well as pomegranate molasses which is also called sour paste- which one do you use for this recipe? I bought the concentrate but it seems watery and not that thick

  4. i am new to your post and would love to clarify something. On the Sadaf site their are 3 choices. They are the following –
    Pomegranate Concentrate
    Pomegranate Molasses
    Pomegranate Sour Paste
    Can you tell me witch one it is?

  5. With all due respect, I’ve noticed that the recipes on your site (as excellent as they seem) fail to include the number servings, which is not only incredibly frustrating as a reader/cook, but such a major oversight. Can you please rectify this? Thank you.

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