3-Cheese Broccoli Pull-Apart Buns

3-Cheese Broccoli Pull-Apart Buns

I’m on a serious broccoli-cheddar kick right now, and every time I go to the pizza store, I find myself ordering a broccoli calzone. Or, at the very least, a broccoli pizza. There’s just something about broccoli and cheese that go together like cookies and cream, peanut butter and jelly or spaghetti and meatballs.

Now, I’m no baker, so the thought of making individual calzones is just too much for me. But after I made these¬†amazing cinnamon buns (from scratch!) recently, I felt inspired to try a savory version. Using store-bought pizza dough made it all-the-more simple (thanks, Trader Joes!).

Making broccoli calzones into pull-apart buns, not only saves you on calories (if you can stick to eating just one!), it’s also cheesier, gooier and especially, prettier. Serve this up at a lunch with friends for some serious wow-factor!

If you’re not a broccoli person (what’s wrong with you?) then serve these up with the vegetables of your choice. Think olives, roasted veggies, caramelized onions, or whatever pizza toppings you wish! You can go also go crazy with the cheese varieties, using feta (feta and olives sounds great!), brie (how about some brie and figs!), or goat cheese (with pesto and sundried tomatoes, mmm…) Oh, the possibilities!

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49 thoughts on “3-Cheese Broccoli Pull-Apart Buns

          1. Ha! I just saw your response to my comment. Yes, mushrooms are always necessary. ;-) I do love broccoli though. All so dangerously tempting.

  1. This looks great. I am off broccoli for a while (not getting along with crucifers these days), but have to remember this when I get back to them. Used to love broccoli and cheddar anything.

  2. The best supper ever!!! Only problem is there is practically nothing left even before everyone got home! The little ones and I (and the cleaning lady ) are finishing it off in no time. Thanks!!!

  3. Right away I thought of my favorite quiche, which is made with 2 kinds of cheese,asparagus and crumbled bacon. Oh yes… these are in my future for sure!!!

  4. I made these with not only chopped broccoli, but also chopped eggplant & zucchini! To die for!

  5. Hey, I live out of town and can’t get ricotta or cheddar cheese. Can I replace ricotta with cottage and just use double mozzarella?

    1. Honestly, I have never tried it. Imagine pizza that’s rewarmed, that’s what it would be like if you already baked it. And unbaked – I’ve never heard of refrigerating unbaked pizza. Freezing might work better than both options.

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