Banana Dates Milk & Honey Smoothie

Banana Dates Milk & Honey Smoothie

For all those Brooklynites out there, you may remember a certain little establishment on the corner of Coney Island and Avenue P called Bissale. It used to be opened till the wee hours of the morning (I’m not sure if it ever really closed) and hailed its own psychic, who’s only charge was to pay for her meal! The place had the absolute best Israeli food, but there was some shady business going on there (not to mention it was far from clean, but we turned a blind eye). At one point they opened up a secret hooka bar in the back (there might have been more than just hooka going on there!). Anyway, my friend Dina and I used to frequent the place and we always ordered up the same thing: ftut, french fries, and a banana, date, milk and honey smoothie. The ftut was basically some chopped malawach dough, mixed up with cheese and mushrooms, with a tomato dipping sauce. The french fries were incredible. But the prize, for me, was the smoothie. It was creamy and sweet, full of delicious flavor! Bissale closed its doors a few years ago, and while I miss the great food, and even better memories (not including the calories!), I’m happy to savor my favorite shake in my favorite place, home sweet home.

The original recipe uses whole milk, but I use almond milk to pack a protein punch and nutty flavor. Also, to eliminate the need for ice cubes (which will just water it down), I freeze the banana and dates a few hours in advance.

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17 thoughts on “Banana Dates Milk & Honey Smoothie

  1. This sounds like it would be good for breakfast. I remember the bissele pizza with zaatar, onions, feta, and olives (so good).

  2. I love your blog and have tried soooo many recipes. This one included. I used agave nectar instead of the honey and i suggest when freezing the banana and dates to portion out a cup of the almond milk and freeze that as well. I found it to be too liquidy otherwise.Thanks so much and looking foward to trying more of your great recipes.

  3. I had some dates sitting around for a while that I wanted to use and I remembered about this smoothie. I didn’t have almond milk so i used regular milk and tossed in a bunch of almonds. It was great! What I’m most impressed about is how a junk-food junkie like me actually like this healthy drink :)!

  4. I make my smoothy exactly the same way. I use frozen bananas and raw honey. If i am out of almond milk, i add a handful of raw almonds and some ice cubes. Delicious every timevl and very filling!

  5. Hi, i just want to mention that I think Almond Breeze is a bad choice. Look at the ingredients!! Rude Health almond milk and almond drink is the best and safest and delicious. Just hard to find in SA

    1. You’re right, Almond Breeze is not the healthiest option. I actually use Califia Farms almond milk now (I posted the original recipe several years ago, and I have since changed brands).

  6. yooooo, i do this but with whole milk haha. this is the first time I’ve ever seen anyone else mention this recipe lol. I usually make it with banana, milk, honey and ice. But a couple months ago I bought some dates and thought “why don’t I just use dates instead of honey. Much healthier anyway.” And omg was it good. I do this sometimes if you really want to kick it up a notch: milk, dates/honey (your choice), ice and a little coffee. OMG it is delicious lol.

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