Corndog Hamantaschen

Corndog Hamantaschen

My friend recently commented to me that she is really enjoying all of the unique hamantaschen she sees popping up on her newsfeed. “Is it like a competition between you guys?,” she wanted to know. Well, no. OK, maybe a little.

It’s not a competition as much as it is a desire to come up with the most brilliant, out of the box, knock-your-socks-off kind of hamantasch that outshines all the rest. So it’s not really about the others. It’s just about yours being THAT GOOD. And it’s not just about hamantaschen either. It’s about always being at the top of your game because that’s what food bloggers do. We try to stay ahead of the trends, create cool hybrid dishes and wow our readers so they keep coming back for more.

So how did I do? Is this corndog hamantasch hybrid mindblowing enough to explode on your newsfeed?! Just wait until you taste them. They’re nice and crispy, with an amazing texture from the coarse cornmeal that’s unlike any hamantasch you’ve ever had.

People always ask me how I come up with this stuff and the answer is, I have no idea. Sometimes it hits me in the dead of night, when insomnia rears it’s ugly head. Sometimes, I’m lacking inspiration so I browse the web for ideas on popular food trends. And sometimes it’s because I’m a mom, and when I can get my kids to eat something, I go all out viral with the idea.

These particular hamantaschen did not take a lot of convincing. My kids are huge fans of Abeles & Heymann’s hot dogs and they are equally obsessed with my nondairy cornbread. I’ve only made homemade corndogs once, as a midnight snack when they were fast asleep (I may or may not have been pregnant at the time) but I often make mini corndog muffins filled with hot dog chunks. Corndog hamantaschen are definitely new in this house, but as I tested different batches of dough, they seemed to disappear as each tray came out of the oven.

What I love about this recipe is that you can easily use it for sweet applications as you can with savory hot dogs. I tested a batch with strawberry rhubarb jam and they were incredible. I’m definitely going to try it with blueberry jam too. and of course, after Purim, you can just make them into thin round cookies and forget the whole triangle thing.

But for now, the triangle thing is super fun and I already have a frozen batch to serve up for the Purim seudah! I might make a batch of baklava hamantaschen for dessert. Or, another special recipe that I’ll be sharing up on the blog soon!

What are some of your favorite creative hamantaschen to make on Purim? Or are you more of a traditionalist? I don’t think I have ever made traditional hamantaschen in my life, can you imagine? If I want apricot or raspberry hamantaschen, I just buy them at the bakery. That’s what they’re there for, right?!

In the meantime, I’ll be savoring the rest of this savory batch, if my kids don’t get to it first. Happy Purim Prep!

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39 thoughts on “Corndog Hamantaschen

  1. LOVE IT! Chanie, do you think these would work with gluten free flour? How do you think it would effect the consistency of the dough. These would be perfect for the GFE if you could… They look amazing!

    1. Hey Sharon! I have never worked with gluten free flour but since it’s being mixed with cornmeal, which is quite mealy, it might make a difference. You’re welcome to try and let me know!

    1. I prefer to add condiments after baking since some people like mustard and others hate it. It’s fun to serve with the condiments alongside the hamantaschen.

  2. I think you just made my son the happiest man on the planet!!! Seriously, I am going to make this and you can please imagine his smile when eating!!

  3. Hi, Chanie,
    I love the idea, but my kids do not like hot dogs. Do you think I can put a mixture of shredded turkey breast (or roast beef) and bell peppers instead of the hot dogs?
    Thank you very much

    1. I think I would do more of a pulled brisket inside. The turkey breast would be too dry. I have an amazing recipe for pulled beef on the blog (It’s called Blogoversary BBQ Brisket).

  4. I just made these and they are awesome! Much easier than traditional sugar cookie hamentaschen- these do not fall apart in the oven! I was hoping to freeze these for Purim but it looks like they won’t last…

  5. Hi these look great I want to make these today n give them out iyh purim should I freeze them or keep in fridge till Thursday?

  6. I made these yesterday with my wife’s help. (i couldn’t get the shape right) made 4 batches for the Seuda. We froze them and tried them last night. THEY WERE GREAT! My kids all made fun of me, but once they taste them, they will thank YOU for a great recipe!

  7. I am so disappointed! I don’t know why mine never came together, I followed the directions. The dough was really sticky and while I was able to roll it out with a ton of flour on both my work surface and rolling pin, I couldn’t pinch the sides to create triangles. I ended up having to roll the dough into balls and make corndog muffins.

    1. I’m so sorry these didn’t work out for you Shira! So many readers have made them with no problems! I suspect you could not pinch the dough because you added too much extra flour. It’s normal for the dough to be slightly tacky/sticky but it sounds like yours was overly so. :(

  8. These were amazing! I have five kids and EVERYONE loved them. My five-year-old was a little skepticaL but he ate almost the whole thing. Lol! Will be making this recipe again, thanks for sharing.

  9. Fun to make and easier than the traditional cookies. I made half the recipe for just 2 of us and think I should have reduced the salt more. I also think that a thinner crust would taste better, but I followed the directions and don’t know if a thinner crust would fall apart. I would also use a thicker piece of hotdog because the taste was overpowered by the crust. thank you for sharing this idea in a most unusual year. Please don’t save my email address for future use.

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