French Fried Chicken Nuggets

French Fried Chicken Nuggets

I would imagine there are about as many Pesach minhagim as there are recipes. Each family has their own book of standards and mine is no different. Thankfully, my husband’s family grew up similar to mine so I don’t have to go eating shmaltz or anything! I always considered myself lucky that my family wasn’t that strict, but I guess compared to some people they are. Basically, we use nut oil, peel all fruits & veggies, use liquid sugar and salt (no other spices). The only processed foods that we buy are orange juice, chocolate, potato chips and lady fingers.

On the days leading up to Pesach, once the kitchen has already been cleaned, my mom likes to use many of the processed kosher for Pesach (non-gebroks) products in her cooking. This way, we don’t feel like we are eating Pesach food too early, and we don’t have to eat pizza out of a plastic bag on the front stoop. The following recipe is great for those who use processed ingredients on Pesach, and for those who only eat it before. The instant mashed potato flakes form a crust on the chicken that tastes similar to french fries. It also reminds me of tater tots.


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  1. This recipe looks amazing! I was wondering though…since you don’t use processed foods on Pesach doesn’t using them at all, even prior to Pesach, in a Pesachdik kitchen “treif” up the kitchen? When my kids were little and went to neighbours to play they weren’t allowed to bring in the house any gebrokst. they considered it close to treifing up their home. Can you bake the chicken instead of frying it even though I’m sure frying the ckicken makes it taste better! I’m just looking at ways to avoid fat. Thanks for an amazing blog!

    1. Thanks Naomi, we would never bring in gebrokst before Pesach. Only non-gebrokst things that are kosher for Pesach from heimishe companies. Those can’t “treif” up your Pesach kitchen, especially if you set aside separate pots to cook them with (the same pots you use to boil up things with peels). In this case, I would not suggest baking the chicken. The mashed potato flakes will turn into a mushy, soggy mess. Frying is the only way to go, sorry!

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