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Halloumi Fries

Well it’s been just about 8 weeks since my last pre-Passover blog post, which means the holiday of dairy delights, Shavuot, is upon us. I’ve traveled to Prague, Berlin and London in that time and while I was able to put many feathers in my traveling cap, I am tired.

In between traveling, I’ve been editing and re-editing the manuscript for my upcoming cookbook, so when it comes to cooking, I’m a bit burnt out creatively! I’ve been drawing a lot of inspiration from my trips, like these Halloumi Fries which they sold in Camden Market in London, and I was determined to try them.

Halloumi is like a cross between feta and mozzarella, and the benefit of this cheese is that you can fry it! It’s delicious doused in all types of sauces (I had an amazing honey sriracha version at Kanteen in London) – but this Middle Eastern take really appealed to my tastes.

I don’t know what I loved better about making these – getting back behind the camera, and styling the shot or getting to eat it for lunch! I miss blogging and wish I had more time for it these days – but thank you for always coming back here and supporting BIB, I appreciate you!

Wishing you a Chag Sameach! XOXO

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Halloumi Cheese Waffles with
Tomato Jam & Balsamic Syrup

I am UBER excited about today’s post, I’m even using the word uber! You see, I dreamed up these halloumi waffles a couple of weeks ago and I wasn’t quite sure how they would turn out. Sometimes when I think up something really outside the box, it can be a bit much, but this, this just worked so harmoniously, I am still dreaming about it!

If you’ve never heard of halloumi before, it’s a semi-hard sheep’s milk cheese that’s like a cross between feta and mozzarella. Because of it’s high melting point, it’s one of the few cheeses that you can actually grill (or in this case, waffle iron). And I don’t mean grill between two slices of bread. You can grill this cheese on it’s own and it retains it’s shape and texture!

Many people don’t know this about halloumi. In fact, I decided to do a little Instagram contest to see who could guess what kind of waffle this was (using the picture below). There were 57 guesses and only one person guessed haloumi (chanazweiss won a copy of my ebook!). Some of the others were really intriguing (like fluffernutter, tofu, tahini, coconut flour, cottage cheese, cauliflower….). I guess I’ve got my fill of waffle ideas for a while.

You can find halloumi in the cheese section of most supermarkets nowadays, but it is most popular in Israeli cuisine. I’ve seen it grilled and fried, but my favorite preparation is the halloumi salad at Blueberry Cafe in Brooklyn. It’s got grilled peppers, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and onions with crispy breaded cubes of fried halloumi and a sesame teriyaki dressing. They call it a salad, so I convince myself that it’s healthy, because it’s JUST. THAT. GOOD.

In keeping with the Middle Eastern spirit of halloumi cheese, I created a silan-sweetened tomato jam as well as a balsamic syrup that’s kissed with the amazing flavor of date honey. Silan is one of my favorite Middle Eastern ingredients and it works so well in these condiments (well in anything, really).

I know this is one of those recipes where you roll your eyes and think, “Looks good but it’s too much of a patchke“, but do yourself a favor and go for it anyway. Once you plate this baby up, the marriage of salty cheese with a crispy exterior, sweet tomato jam, acidic balsamic and bitter arugula will dance on your palate and hit every note!

With Nine Days of dairy coming up soon, we can all use a little something different, so get outside your comfort zone and grill up some halloumi. You can thank me later.

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