Thankgiving Turkey Roulade with 5-Minute Stuffing

Thankgiving Turkey Roulade with 5-Minute Stuffing

When the “Kosher Connection” Team decided to feature stuffing for the November LinkUp, I was so excited to post this recipe! I also happen to be doing a Thanksgiving demo tonight, so the timing was perfect to develop this dish to perfection. I prefer to make individual turkey roulades using turkey cutlets, but you can also make one larger one using a turkey london broil (essentially a skinless, boneless turkey breast half) that’s been butterflied and pounded. The visual impact is enough to make everyone at the table ooh and ahh. And that’s before they’ve even tasted it.

Now I love a beautiful plate of food as much of the other person, but I don’t like to spend hours in the kitchen. To simplify this recipe, I decided not to sear the turkey breasts (this gives it a nice brown color all around) because that would require me to tie each one up with kitchen twine. Instead, I just rubbed them down with some paprika, garlic powder and olive oil, baked seam-side down in the pan. My 5-Minute (no-joke!) stuffing also keeps things simple, but you can easily stuff the roulades with any store-bought filling (even cold cuts, like in this recipe).

So, if you’re making thanksgiving for a small group, and a whole turkey seems too large for your crowd (or like me, you’re daunted by the thought of cooking the huge bird), give this beautiful and delicious recipe a try!

Gobble, gobble!

For more delicious Thanksgiving stuffing recipes, visit the Kosher Connection Linkup below. Happy Thanksgiving!

One taste of this fantastic stuffing and you’d never imagine it took only 5 minutes to make! There are few tricks here! Firstly, instead of sauteing up onion and garlic, I just use onion and garlic flavored croutons! Nifty, right? Then, I add just a touch of poultry seasoning (a little goes a long way!) to give it that been-stuffed-into-a-bird-for-hours quality! Using frozen spinach not only eliminates work, it also adds a beautiful touch of green – so festive and autumnesque!

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28 thoughts on “Thankgiving Turkey Roulade with 5-Minute Stuffing

  1. So smart to make a roulade instead of making the whole bird! So many people are intimidated by that huge turkey (including me) and individual portions are much more doable. I will totally be using this recipe for chicken and veal cutlets also!!!

  2. Okay this is totally my type of recipe. I may just make this on Thursday, although I don’t have an official Thanksgiving dinner. I love you link up but do I need to only post a recipe??

  3. I was lucky enough to get an early tasting of this dish… It was all that, and then some!
    Now Im tempted to make a Thanksgiving dinner (without feeling overwhelmed) :)


  4. Genius . . . Looks stunning, is unusual, and is easy to make. Love the inclusion of spinach in the stuffing and the idea of plating it over the cranberry sauce.

  5. Yum! Yum! Yum! Had the family over for a dinner just to try out the recipe! Everyone loved! thanks for always posting such simply delicious recipes!!!

  6. If I’m using a 2lb.turkey london broil will the stuffing recipe be enough to fill it? I want to make this for Shavuos so please let me know asap! Thanks

  7. Chanie, when you say a package of turkey cutlets, how much is that in weight? I’m in Israel and we don’t have the same packages… thanks!

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