Veal Marsala Bolognese with Turnip Noodles

Veal Marsala Bolognese with Turnip Noodles

It’s almost New Year’s and stigmas aside, I really want to get back into healthy eating. The December donutfest threw me off the wagon, and I’ve been having a hard time getting back on! I’m back to the “I’ll start tomorrow”,  or just after the weekend, or my favorite, “Monday is a new day”. Except Monday comes and goes and it’s already time for the ball to drop.

So here I am, heading into New Year’s Eve and I’m renewing my commitment to pull out my spiralizer and eat more veggies and less carbs. Who’s in for the ride?

We’ll start with these turnip noodles and this amazingly rich bolognese made with veal (my favorite protein), mushrooms and marsala wine, a twist on the classic chicken marsala.

I’m a big fan of marsala (it’s got wine and mushrooms, hello?!), but bolognese? Not so much. Classic bolognese is made with ground beef (not my fave) and dry red wine, and the good stuff is usually simmered for hours. Truth be told, I usually just make my split-second bolognese by browning my beef and adding store-bought marinara, which is probably why I don’t like it very much. My kids, on the other hand, love it over spaghetti with a side of zoodles. It’s by go-to whenever I need a quick and easy dinner, and eating it over zoodles makes it guilt-free too.

But I’m marinara’d out. I use it for my 2-ingredient lazy meatballs, my quick and easy shakshuka, my cheesy zoodle marinara and so much more. I wanted something different so I decided to create a bolognese that’s marinara-free. Something not so heavy, but rich and tasty, and oh so delicious. I hit the nail on the head.

Not only is this veal bolognese amazingly rich and satisfying, it’s virtually guilt-free when served with spiralized turnip noodles, a nice change from the overdone zoodles. Looks like January 2016 is going to be healthy and delicious indeed. Happy New Year!

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9 thoughts on “Veal Marsala Bolognese with Turnip Noodles

  1. Not sure I can get on board with calling a veal-based meal guilt free. I am no vegetarian, but even I draw the line at veal.

  2. Hi BIB, I love your blog!!! You are so talented! I’m Iyh making this for dinner tommorrow night…. Random question, where can I get an UNSeasoned cast iron skillet? Most r pre seasoned which makes for a kashrus issue

    1. Thanks Mimi! You can’t really get an unseasoned cast iron skillet, but what you can do is buy a seasoned one (I like Lodge) and put it in your oven while you run a self cleaning cycle. This will remove the seasoning and kasher the pot. You will have to remove the rust or whatever forms after cleaning and then reseason for a while until you get a nice new coating.

  3. HI Chanie, I attended the spa for the body and soul in Albany and I really enjoyed it! Yesterday I made the plantain chips and guacomole. I couldn’t find the exact recipe on the website but I think I remembered it because it really appealed to me. I would never think to put mango and pomegranate seeds in guacomole but it was awesome. I am excited to continue using the tips and recipes I learned from you and whats on your blog. Thank you

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