3-Layer Rainbow Cookie Cake

3-Layer Rainbow Cookie Cake

I came to the realization today that I’ve been posting quite a number of cakes for someone who calls themselves a non-baker. Am I right? As much as I don’t like to bake, it seems YOU all like when I do. Remember when my funfetti bundt cake went viral? And judging by the amount of  parsnip honey cake pictures that flooded my inbox, I’d say it was a huge hit!

With Parshas Noach this week, I thought it was just the right time to finally post THIS cake. I made it last November for my husband’s birthday, and I never quite found the right time to post it. I was thinking about what kind of rainbow recipe I could do in honor of the Torah portion in which a rainbow appeared as a symbol of G-d’s promise never to destroy the world again with a flood. I started looking through some old photos and I remembered this amazing 3-layer marzipan birthday cake, and it was just the thing!

3-layer rainbow cookies are my husband’s all time favorite, so I set out to make a birthday cake version for his surprise party. I’m not one for layered cakes, and each time I make them, I’m reminded just why I hate making them so much. But the end result is always worth it! Especially in this case.

If you’ve ever tried 3-layer rainbow cookies, you know what they taste like – marzipan. They’re cakey and chocolatey with a bit of jam in between the layers. But one thing they are not is FRESH. Once you make this stuff from scratch you can really taste the difference. Preservative-free cake is the way to go, and making it in a stacked layer cake is just SO. MUCH. FUN.

My husband is the founder and CEO the boutique marketing firm AjaxUnion.  I call him Yossi, but in the workforce, he’s just “Joe”. In fact, is his GrowTime YouTube series, he teaches entrepreneurs “How to go from average Joe, to CEO”! Can you tell I’m just a wee bit proud of my hubby?

So back to the cake, I thought it would be fun to put a little Joe banner up in the same rainbow colors as the cake, and I just love how cutesy and Etsy-esque it is! What do y’all think?

My husband was gaga over the cake, but so were my kids. They’re big fans of 3-layer rainbow cookies, so it was a no-brainer. They keep asking me to make it again, so I’m thinking of going the old fashioned route and doing it sheet-style. It should be easier. Or maybe harder. Uh oh. I hate caking. I mean baking.

There’s only one reason for my venturing into cake territory and it’s all Molly Yeh’s fault. She just inspires me so much with her whimsical creations and I want to be her. Her rainbow mini cakes were the inspiration for this rainbow cookie birthday cake, and her funfetti cake was what got me to make this viral recipe. She also loves tahini everything, I even sent her halva from the shuk for her wedding present! So Yeh (pun intended), thanks Molly for making me fat.

Next up on my baking list? I’m thinking a pecan pie for Thanksgiving featuring one of my favorite spice blends. Stay tuned. It’s gonna be epic!

Happy Rainbowing!

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28 thoughts on “3-Layer Rainbow Cookie Cake

  1. You have forgotten a very important step in this recipe – before the chocolate covering you need to take the 3 layers and place heavy books or pans on top of the cake and refridgerate for a day to allow the cake to flatten out – this is how the cookies are made as well. My mother made these every christmas and I make them as well. It’s an important step that will make the “cake” much more flavorful but also more dense. Nice idea though.

    1. This is a cake, not the cookies. The cookies need to be pressed and flattened, but the cake does not. See how high the cake is. The cookies are flat.

  2. The reason why you DONT need to weigh down the layers ( made the cake this past Shabbos) is because this is a CAKE, that is a “take on” on rainbow slice cookies, but a cake NOT the cookies. The picture of my cake can be seen in the @NorenesKitchen group on FB. No option for posting pics here. Thanks for the recipe @Chani!

  3. Chanie, does the use of coconut milk in the recipe give it a “coconut” flavor? If so, can I substitute something else?

  4. I can’t wait to make this for my sons one year old birthday ! How did u make the manner? I’d like to copy it. And btw, just made ur veal bolognese … Man it was good!

    1. I used 2 lollipop sticks (you can also use skewers) and I tied twine to each one. I stuck the sticks into the cake so that the twine was spread out with just a bit hanging down. I taped the letters of my husband’s name to the twine and that’s it! I’m so glad you enjoyed the bolognese!

    1. Coconut cream is made when you refrigerate coconut milk overnight and the water in the milk separates from the coconut cream. Coconut cream is thicker and is used to make whipped cream.

  5. I make the Italian version of this receipe for cookies…but the cookie receipe is quite different. It’s true, you do put something heavy on the cookie layers, but I would think with the cake you wouldn’t want to do this step. I am going to try this asap, thank you!!

  6. Love your blog !!! Can I use almond milk instead of coconut ? Also I can’t find almond paste locally. Any replacement ?

  7. I want to make this cake. I found the Original Coconut Dream coconut drink. Is that the correct type? Do you suggest the this version or the unsweetened? Is it used in the cake as well as the ganache?

    I also found Cream of Coconut. Would that be better in the ganache?

    1. Hi Sonya! Yes, Original Coconut Dream is great for the cake. For the ganache, you need a thicker/creamier full-fat milk. I think the cream of coconut might be too thick. Maybe you can thin it out a bit with the Coconut Dream? If you can find regular full fat canned coconut milk that would be better.

  8. Would it be OK to do this as a dairy cake, subbing in butter for the margarine and heavy cream for the coconut milk ganache? I imagine the properties of both are similar enough… I am a great fan of the cookies, but not the work involved, so this is amazing!!!!! So excited to try it this winter!!!!!!

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