Banana Oat Pancakes

Banana Oat Pancakes

We’ve all had leftover bananas. I bet you even have some sitting on your counter right now. Surrounded by fruit flies. Don’t you just hate that???

Summer fruit flies kill me. I’ve tried every trick in the book! (And if you have any others, send them my way!). I can’t have my bananas sitting on the counter, so I’ve got to think up ways to use them up. The thing is though, I’m not the biggest banana person. I like bananas – freshly ripe and creamy. But when I start to mix them into other foods – I get picky.

Banana bread is good by me. Banana oat muffins too. Smoothies are a given. Especially this one. Why not pancakes?

I make pancakes for breakfast at least once a week – my kids can’t get enough. Even my husband has gotten in on the pancake fun as we explore creative¬†flavors. These are our favorite!

When I served these up for breakfast one weekday morning, I got a 2 out of 3 from the kiddies (since one of them detests bananas, and there was no hiding them here!)

The great thing about this recipe is that they’re not altogether bad for you. Chock full of oats and potassium-rich bananas, they offer more than the standard pancake – and they’re even dairy-free! Although if you want to go even healthier, try these incredible 4-ingredient Paleo banana pancakes from kitchen-tested. They’re amazing!

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10 thoughts on “Banana Oat Pancakes

  1. LOVE Bananas (I never have them lying around – I have to buy lots of extra if I want to ripen them and bake with them) and love banana pancakes – used to be what I ordered at Ihop every time (when I went to Ihop – in my past life :-)

  2. I made these today and they were amazing, everyone loved them. I used almond milk instead since we are not fans of coconut but I dont think it changed it much. Do you have any suggestions on what substitutes to put in when bananas are not around (harder with shmittah here in E’Y!). Loved these and want to make them all the time!

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed them Adriana! I’m not quite sure what can sub for bananas, it’s really hard to say! I’m thinking maybe a pumpkin puree might work, but in that case you might as well make my pumpkin pancakes!

  3. I made this at my home and my family like it so much! Thank you so much for sharing this delicious recipe. You are a great chef ever. Hope you will guide us like this in future. Wonderful blog!

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