Fish Tacos with Savory Plantain Tortillas

Fish Tacos with Savory Plantain Tortillas

Last year was my first time venturing into the world of plantains. It’s definitely a lesser known fruit, so I’m here to tell you more about it!

Plantains are a tropical fruit, and are best known for their use in tostones – a twice fried chip. You’ll find them on the menu in many Latin restaurants, like 26 Sushi & Tapas, in Miami, Florida. I love them topped with ceviche and avocado!

A plantain looks like a banana, but it’s slightly larger with angular sides. It’s taste and texture are determined by it’s stage of ripeness – firm and starchy when it’s green, and softer and sweeter when it’s yellow to black. Plantains cannot be eaten raw, but they make great (baked or fried!) chips when firm, delicious mash when ripe and great egg-free tortillas at any stage. Plantains are a resistant starch, which means that they pass through the digestive system sort of like soluble fiber and don’t spike blood sugar, making them popular among Paleo enthusiasts.

My interest in plantain tortillas was purely a Passover thing, since most kosher for Passover crepes are made using potato starch and eggs. I’m not a big fan of potato starch, and since my son is allergic to eggs, I was looking for an egg-free alternative.

I created two versions of the tortilla – a savory one, made with avocado oil, lime juice and a bit of chili powder, and a sweet one, made with coconut oil, maple syrup and vanilla (recipe coming tomorrow!). Plantains don’t have much flavor on their own, so adding these ingredients was essential. I was pleasantly surprised that the tortillas were soft and pliable and really make a great substitute for Passover crepes and wraps. It’s great to have a recipe that doesn’t call for potato starch and eggs for a change, am I right?!

Now for the fillings! I’m a big fan of fish tacos so I definitely went that route with coconut crusted fish fillets which you can bake or fry (if you’re not a fan of coconut, I would recommend frying). Mango salsa is the perfect accompaniment to this tropical dish and curried mayo, one of my favorite condiments, rounds it out. This makes a great lunch or light dinner after all the heavy meat and potato dishes that we’re used to!

Looking for other potato alternatives for Pesach? Check out this article that I put together for OU kosher. It’s got lots of amazing recipes, suggestions and ideas for replacing the spud. You can thank me later!

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19 thoughts on “Fish Tacos with Savory Plantain Tortillas

  1. Hi! Love these!
    I’ve made them as quesadillas – filled with cheese and mashed black beans – and they taste great. But not with your recipe, will have to try it!

    As for Passover, I make many tortillas here at home, using only Matzah Meal and water. And maybe a little oil for them to stick together. Using the tortilla maker is an asset, but I’ve seen many women make them on their table tops, using a roll pin and their hands. Just have them stand on a hot plank for a few mins, until done. And you can have tacos, quesadillas or whatever you can imagine -in Passover, too!

    Chag Sameaj!!

    1. Those sound great Thelma! My family has a tradition not to eat gebroks, which is any form of wet matza, so a matza meal based tortilla wouldn’t work for us!

  2. We have egg allergies in the family and I can’t thank you enough for posting egg-free recipes! Passover is SO hard without eggs.

  3. Oh MY! I can’t wait to try these. I am sharing with my friends as well, they are going to be super excited as one is from Peru and the plaintains are a staple there.

  4. We made this for Pesach dinner tonight. The tortillas worked very well and were yummy. The salsa was refreshing. We loved this meal and will for sure keep it in our Pesach repertoire.

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