Marzipan Biscotti

Marzipan Biscotti

I don’t know what took me so long to blog about my love of Molly Yeh’s cookbook, Molly on the Range. Well, actually I do. It’s been a crazy hectic year since baby #5 was born and I’ve been trying to keep my head above water and maintain my sanity while I manage food (blogging) and family. It’s been months since I fangirled Molly at her book release party and I’ve read her book cover to cover and tried quite a number of her cookbook recipes since!

Molly’s blog, mynameisyeh, has been a huge inspiration to me as a blogger. First off, her beautiful photography always pushed me to take my own photography to the next level, and the way that she elevates Middle Eastern food is everything to me. We share a love of tahini and marzipan and I secretly dream about the day that I will open a bread and breakfast on my own little farm in Upstate New York (I may have even called a couple of places that had a for sale sign up this summer!).

Every time I think about the urge to redesign my blog (“because that’s what bloggers do”), I’m reminded that Molly became one of the most popular bloggers on the web without ever redesigning hers. You don’t need a fancy lifestyle blog with a gazillion sections to be successful. You just need delicious food, beautiful photography, and a really awesome personality (which is why I actually READ Molly’s entire cookbook cover to cover, instead of just looking at the pictures like I normally do).

I love how Molly on the Range is part autobiography, part cookbook. It’s an awesome and hysterical journey of a true foodie finding love in both the kitchen and her personal life. In true Molly style, she sent out review copies along with her own sprinkle mix, adorable tatoos and a handwritten note. And she put some of that panache in the book too – with a coloring page, shnitzel costume instructions and fun illustrations throughout the book.

The recipes range from Midwestern favorites like hot dishes to popular Middle Eastern foods like bourekas, hummus and malabi. Molly shares recipes from both her Asian and Jewish heritage, including matzo brei, latkes and fusion dishes like shnitzel bao buns and scallion pancake challah. Of course I’ve marked all the Israeli dishes in the book, especially the tahini and marzipan ones, including this delicious biscotti/mandel bread.

The idea of folding in chunks of store bought marzipan is a brilliant one, and not the least bit overwhelming. The almond flavor is surprisingly subtle, and when I served these up for my daughters birthday recently, everyone loved them, marzipan lovers and haters alike.

Speaking of my daughter’s birthday, I attempted my very first marzipan covered cake for her cake smash recently and it was a huge success! I’ve been drooling over Molly’s marzipan coated cakes for the longest time and I was so excited to work with it.  I can’t wait to share the results in an upcoming post.

I’m also super excited to be giving away a copy of Molly on the Range to one lucky reader! To enter to win the giveaway,

1. Leave a comment below letting me know which BIB recipe you’ve been enjoying this summer.
2. For an extra entry, tag a friend on the giveaway post on Facebook or Instagram.

Giveaway is open to U.S. residents (for international entries, prize can only be shipped in the U.S.). Winner will be chosen at random at 10:00 AM EST on Sunday, August 13th, 2017.

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94 thoughts on “Marzipan Biscotti

  1. Been enjoying eggplant parmesan and portobello tuna melts. Both great veggie forward meals that are delicious and satisfying.

  2. Too many delicious recipes to name ! We love the falafel cauliflower poppers and portobello mushroom tuna melts!!! Thanks for all your amazing recipes!! Your blog is my go-to for recipes 😍!

  3. I would love to try Molly’s cookbook. Your refried beans tacos have completely changed Taco night in my house forever. We are obsessed!!!!

  4. Salami babka and hassleback salami are definitely favorites this summer! I’ve also tried a spin off of the salami babka – making a full fledged deli roll filling inside pizza dough instead of puff pastry. It looked awful lol but tasted great. Following your recipe yielded much better results :)

  5. I’ve been hardcore crushing on skillet toast and coddled eggs. Both so simple but so divine (and usually guests don’t know how easy it is)!

  6. i love your chocolate ganache tart with the coconut and date crust! it’s super easy to make and great for a gluten free crowd or if you want something chocolatey and don’t want to heat up your kitchen by making a chocolatey dessert. double thumbs up!! (also would love molly’s cookbook :))

  7. Hi i’m from Panama and I love yoor blog i love a lot of recipes but my favorite is the Chocolate Meltaway Cake i love it
    Thank youu !

  8. I have made some recipes in the past and they are amazing but haven’t made anything this summer yet.
    But am looking forward to hopefully making something soon.

  9. Loving your refried bean tacos! I have been looking for years for kosher refried beans but haven’t been able to find, and was thrilled to try your recipe. It was so easy to make and absolutely delicious! Molly’s book looks incredible. She is so positive and so fun! I love her playful spin on things. Thanks for the chance!

  10. We really enjoy the spinach white bean minestrone with zoodles before and after fast days and also the miso eggplant. I made the 3 layer rainbow cake for Parshas Noach and it came out beautiful and delicious. I also love marzipan!

  11. This recipe looks so good! And I just love following Molly online, along with her fun recipes, and quirky personality. I would love to make this marzipan recipe, but I also saw the apple crisp one of yours, so I may have to make that one since my apples are ready to harvest!

  12. Hi Chanie! I haven’t been cooking so much this summer but I love watching you on Instagram and I can’t wait to make all your yummy recipes soon! Thanks for sharing this recipe! I think it will be one of the first things I make when I get back to my kitchen!

  13. Fun giveaway! My boyfriend adapted the Kosher Shrimp and Grits recipe to be made with tofu and it was so delicious to eat out on the porch.

  14. Woow, these look amazing! So jealous. And I’ve been loving your fruit salad with basil honey lime dressing (I mostly make it just so I can have the dressing! haha)

  15. We mostly eat vegetarian so I love your meat-free recipes. A recent hit was your spinach falafel burgers. Yum!

    1. For this recipe you need to use marzipan, not almond paste (they are not the same thing). It comes either in a can or a box and you can find it in the baking aisle of most major supermarkets.

  16. It’s not really a recipe but I liked seeing all the colorful and nutritious vegetables that you’ve been cooking.

    I would try the guava/cheese roll

  17. Honey challah is a yummy breakfast, snack, lunch, or dinner! I mean can I just eat it all the time? Haha. Honey challah (no toppings please) ftw!

  18. Brie Marsala Pizza- OMG we cannot get enough of this. It hits all of the notes that I need after a hard week

  19. I’m loving the grilled portobello mushrooms with tuna and cheese on top… I’ve never had such a yummy mushroom combo until I made these! So good!

  20. I’ve really been enjoying your zoodle shakshuka recipe this summer! I finally bought a spiralizer, so I’m obsessed :) and this giveaway is super cool; I love Molly’s blog!

  21. It’s been really fun playing with variations of the grain-free garnola, excited to try this biscotti recipe as well!

  22. I have Molly’s book which I also love…so good luck all…seriously, how could I only choose one recipe anyway lol

  23. The eggplant with falafel and all the fixings has been my fave addition to my summer menu, works great as a shabbos appetizer and a weeknight dinner!

  24. This blog is one of the few I religiously come back to check. I’ve made many of your recipes over the years so it’s a bit of a blur what exactly is from you vs other places/ cookbooks. This summer I made your zoodles recipe. It’s surprisingly very popular with my kids and super easy. Win! Thank you!

  25. Hi Chanie!
    We’ve made the tortilla chicken strips, salami babka for chanukah and passed the recipes on to family..
    I would definitely try these biscotti, I love almond flavor in desserts. I am so glad you are upstate this Summer for a break from the city.
    I totally love Molly Yeh and been checking out her blog for years. The only food blogs I follow are yours, hers, and smitten kitchen. That’s it. I mean, she calls her husband eggboy!?! and lives on a beet farm in The Dakotas, nuff said.

  26. Big fan of your recipes! Tried the minestrone soup last week and it was delicious! Love marzipan and baking these tonight:)

  27. Way too many recipes to choose from but if I had to choose just one it would be the fig salmon it was beyond amazing and I don’t even like fish!!

  28. Hey Chanie, we love many of your recipes but the chocolate meltaway cake is the one that comes to mind all the time. It’s a winner!!

  29. Funfetti cake. Just made it for my daughter’s birthday. So easy and tasty. All your recipes are great. My daughter’s favorite entertainment is the cooking lady on insta:)

  30. Nish nosh salmon!! Also, an oldie but definitely a goodie, your mushroom barley soup (yes, even in the summer)!

  31. Your salami Babka has been ROCKING MY WORLD for months, forget just this summer!!! I’ve been doing it with deli instead of salami because I’ve seen better prices for that’s and it’s just fantastic! You’ve really inspired me to play in the kitchen which is something I can’t thank you for enough!!

  32. I made these for shabbat this weekend and they were a huge hit! My husband likes a softer biscotti so I didn’t leave it in for the full 20 min at 250. Your instructions were perfect and I will definitely be making these again. I can’t get over how great the marzipan is in it. I usually don’t like marzipan but this way it pretty much tastes like cookie dough bites inside the Biscotti. Thanks, Chanie!

    1. I have tried this recipe 3 times now and it has way too much oil in it.
      I have it in the refrigerator now and it swimming in oil.

      Has any one else had this problem?

  33. I went looking for a biscotti recipe that contained almond paste or marzipan that was different from the one I’ve made for years, and I settled on this one as biscotti with cocoa nibs and chunks of homemade almond paste triggered my mind’s imaginary tastebuds. I made it and am glad I did! Thanks for posting Molly’s recipe Chanie. It’s a keeper.
    I had no issues making the recipe as written, well with a small change – when I mixed the flour mixture into the sugar, egg, etc mixture with a wooden spoon I left out the almond paste and chocolate nibs and, once the flour/oil dough came together I gently kneaded it in the bowl, then added the nibs and kneaded them in, then added the almond paste and worked it in very gently. I placed the dough ball on the counter, cut it in half, and shaped each piece of dough into a rough log then rolled it into a longer log on the counter before transferring it to my pan and repeating with the second log also formed and placed on the same pan. I flattened the 2 logs with wet hands before brushing on a bit of egg white mixed with a wee bit of water and then sprinkling on Maldon sea salt and turbinado sugar.
    After baking I turned the oven off, stuck a couple silicone oven mitts in between the door and stove and let the biscotti cool in the oven; this ensures a drier, crispier biscotti without overcooking it.
    I love those chunks of almond paste and the crunchy, tasty cocoa nibs! Next time I’ll try the recipe with dark chocolate and almond paste.

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