Pumpkin Pot Pie

Pumpkin Pot Pie

I was lying in bed one night thinking about how I could take advantage of the adorable little pumpkins that are so bountiful this season (yes, these are the sort of things food bloggers think about when they go to bed at night). I knew I could make my own pumpkin puree, or carve out a spooky design (although I don’t celebrate Halloween), but I wanted MORE. Something fresh, and exciting, and oh yes – warm (have you seen the weather forecast lately?!).

I thought about real comfort food – you know, something I’d want to eat around a fireplace (if I had one) on a cold November night. And it came down to – you guessed it! – chicken pot pie. At first I thought about reinventing the chicken pot pie and making a vegetarian version with pumpkin and autumn spices. That got me thinking about all the winter pumpkins soups that are cleverly served inside the pumpkin – when I realized – I could have my pumpkin and chicken pot pie and eat it too!

This recipe combines the flavor of fresh-roasted pumpkin with creamy parsnips, carrots and mushrooms. It’s seasoned with fresh thyme and sage and topped off with flaky puff pastry for the perfect fall comfort food!

And would you look at the festive autumn design on these beauties? These pretty pumpkin packages (say that three times in a row!) are as good to look at as they are to eat. They’d make the perfect appetizer for your Thanksgiving meal!

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24 thoughts on “Pumpkin Pot Pie

  1. These are beauties! I think they’re going to be the perfect appetizer to my family’s chanuka party!
    I just adore your blog and creatively enticing recipes!

  2. Two questions:
    a. can you use leftover turkey instead of chicken?
    b. when you put it in the oven for the last twenty minutes, is it still at 400?

  3. This is a great idea! Where do you buy these sugar pumpkins though. I’ve been looking everywhere for them and I can’t find them (I’m in Brooklyn too…)

  4. These look amazing! So pretty and hearty. If these were on your cafe menu (which I fantasize about), I’d be ordering one every day of winter.

  5. They are adororable I would love to make them, but.. Are there any other winter squash I can use? My DD will not eat anything pumpkin as long as she can recognize it. Sorry.

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