Smoked Paprika Popcorn Cauliflower

Smoked Paprika Popcorn Cauliflower

If you read my review of the fabulous restaurant Pardes, you may have noticed that my meal started off unconventionally, with a giant cup of smoked paprika popcorn. That stuff was so incredible that I went back for more. And more. And then I pulled my popcorn machine out from the basement and I even made my own. And finally, I realized that if I don’t stop with my smoked paprika popcorn addiction, I will need to check myself into a 12-step program for popcorn addicts.

I realized that what I really loved most about the popcorn, wasn’t the popcorn at all. It was the amazing smokiness of the paprika. I’m a huge fan of smoked paprika in general. I put it in my cholent, sprinkle it generously over my roasted chickpeas, and slather it all over my roasted chicken. So, I decided to come up with a healthier, less carby version of my favorite Pardes treat, using cauliflower to mimic the popcorn. And that’s how this delicious healthy version of smokey “popcorn” cauliflower came about. Don’t be shy with the paprika, douse it on heavily for optimum smokey flavor!  This stuff is great for snacking or served alongside a piece of grilled chicken or steak!

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43 thoughts on “Smoked Paprika Popcorn Cauliflower

  1. I never thought of putting smoked paprika on cauliflower! But it is amazing in my vegetarian cholent! I’ll be trying this out next time I get cauliflower!
    thanks so much

  2. This looks WONDERFUL to me. The rest of my family thinks they don’t like cauliflower but I think they may be stealing some of mine when I make this!

  3. Cauliflower is one of those healthy foods that adapts to so many flavors and spices. Thanks for this delicious snack idea!

  4. love the look – love the taste – I make a similar colorful cauliflower recipe with cumin and turmeric as well and I can’t stop eating it it’s such a delicacy!!!! and healthy!!!

    1. I have never made this with frozen cauliflower so it’s hard to say – espeically since some brands make large florets (so you get a little in a bag) and some make tiny ones. If you want to make this with frozen cauliflower, thaw the cauliflower on paper towels and pat dry really well to remove as much water as possible before using.

  5. If you don’t have smoked paparika but you do have paprika and liquid smoke add the liquid smoke to taste..

  6. Made this for my Purim seuda and everyone couldn’t stop raving about it! For real!! It is amazing and sooo simple 👍👍

  7. This looks like an awesome dish to try. How do I keep it tasty and fresh(using fresh cauliflower) tasting if I serve it the next day?
    Love all your recipes:)
    Thank you

    1. It’s definitely a challenge to keep cauliflower tasting fresh when serving the next day, unless you rewarm it at a high temperature to crisp it up a bit.

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