Blueberry Port Duck with Duck Fat Potatoes

Blueberry Port Duck with Duck Fat Potatoes

Duck is not one of those things that you make regularly. Like going to a fine restaurant to celebrate a milestone or a thoughtful gift on a birthday, duck is reserved for special occasions. Especially, kosher duck. With it’s high price tag, I like to reserve duck or lamb chops for the holidays, when my family can enjoy the poultry at a beautifully set table worthy of it. Instead of splurging on just the duck breasts, I usually buy the whole duck and butcher it myself, so I can render all the extra fat and use the carcass for stock. I end up paying close the same much per lb. and I get so much more for my money.

With Shavuot* just a few short weeks away, so many of us are knee deep in cheesecake recipes that we’ve all but forgotten about “meat recipes”. Personally, I wait all year for my mom’s incredible lasagna, but by the time our dairy meal is done, I need a nap! If you’re looking for a change from the heavy dairy food, give this “special occasion” recipe a try. After all, what greater occasion is there to celebrate good food, than on a holiday.

*Shavuot is the holiday in which Jews commemorate the giving of the Torah at Mt. Sinai. Dairy food is traditionally eaten, but many have a custom to serve meat as well. (Kosher observers do not eat milk and meat together, so a meal must be exclusively meat or milk).

Rendered duck fat has a rich golden color and produces the most crispy gribenes (duck skin cracklings). I love to use the duck fat for roasted potatoes. They give the potatoes an unmatched crispy exterior, and a smooth and creamy (not to mention flavorful) interior.

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12 thoughts on “Blueberry Port Duck with Duck Fat Potatoes

  1. I don’t get it – what are the pictures of beneath the picture of the duck still in it’s original wrapper? Frying duck parts – what kind (don’t look like breasts), the fat, and . . what?

    1. It’s rendering duck fat from the skin – so the pictures from left to right are rendering the fat, the fat, and the gribenes (crispy skin cracklings)

  2. This looks heavenly! I just found out I am extremely deficient in vitamin b12 and have to eat more animal protein! I usually prefer vegetarean food over meat but this looks crazy good. I must try this!

    Hope all is well with you!


  3. You’re right, duck is a holiday dish! We have it twice a year and I always render the duck fat and freeze it. Do the same with my Hanukkah goose. So absolutely wonderful on those potatoes.

  4. Perfectly cooked and I love how you use the duck fat in the potatoes. I have duck fat in the freezer from the duck breast and golden beet salad I posted a while back (or did I ever post that recipe?!). I must make potatoes!

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