Shavuot Menu Roundup

Shavuot Menu Roundup

With Shabbat going into Shavuot this year, I’ve updated this oldie-but-goodie Shavuot Menu roundup to include lots of other categories like stove-top only dishes, freezer-friendly dishes and lots more! I hope you find it useful and delicious :) You can also check out my dairy category or Shavuot category from the index for easy access!

Chag Sameach!

Classic Dairy Menu

tomato feta salad
cheese balls with assorted breads
pesto parmesan salmon
strawberry rhubarb soup or roasted tomato soup
spinach lasagna roll-ups or easy lasagna
cheese latkes or blintzes
classic cheesecake or easy no-bake cheesecake

Gourmet Dairy Menu

kani caeser salad with sriracha dressing
malawach cheese pastries or harissa whipped feta with eggplant chips
brie marsala pizza
spinach pappardelle with feta
goat cheese ice cream with moscato strawberry sauce

Light Dairy Menu

blueberry sweet potato granola salad or waldorf salad with yogurt dressing
roasted eggplant parmesan
pasta-free spinach manicotti, spaghetti squash baked ziti3-Cheese rollatini rose pie, or cheesy zoodle marinara
gluten-free parmesan zucchini sticks
moscato, honey, vanilla bean poached apricots

Pareve Menu

spinach matza ball minestrone soup
peach haricot vert salad
sushi burritos or sushi salad
fish tacos
chili pie in jars (use vegan cheese or leave it out)
peanut butter fudge ice cream pie

Stove-top Only Menu

Moroccan fish balls
corn, heirloom tomato and goat cheese salad with basil lime vinaigrette
zucchini parmesan chips
salmon pasta salad
spaghetti squash shakshuka
linguini lasagna or ravioli in pink sauce
torah cannoli or cornflake crunch ice cream

Freezer-Friendly Menu

broccoli parmesan poppers with Greek yogurt ranch dip
3-cheese brocolli pull-apart buns
pesto pinwheels
cheesy stuffed mini peppers
rosewater cheesecake mousse parfaits

Gourmet Meat Menu

sweet chili salmon with wasabi crust
rainbow slaw with poppyseed dressing
blueberry port duck with duck fat potatoes
or beer braised brisket over mashed potatoes
blanched asparagus with lemon vinaigrette
chocolate mousse or chocolate ganache tart

Light Meat Menu 

spinach strawberry salad with poppyseed dressing
roasted butternut squash soup
bundt pan rotisserie chicken or veal marsala bolognese
rice vermicelli
garlic green beans
blueberry apple crisp with vanilla ice cream

photo credit: bsinthekitchen blog

Dairy recipes from around the web

brocolli and cheese stuffed sole (can sub tilapia or flounder)
caeser salad parmesan cups
watermelon feta salad stacks (omit bacon!)
butternut squash kale lasagna
sweet potato goat cheese quiche
spinach and cheese phyllo pie
sour cream potato gratin
asparagus cheese tart (use any swiss cheese like gruyere)
cream of asparagus soup
cheesy kale potato kugel
sweet luckskin kugel
classic sambousek
fresh fruit sauces for blintzes
zucchini ravioli
cheesy pull-apart bread
Neapolitan zebra cheesecake

photo credit: savorysweetlife blog

Meat recipes from around the web

peach whiskey bbq chicken
braised chicken with golden beets and kale
maple mustard roasted chicken
chicken marsala (use coconut milk in place of heavy cream)
brisket in coffee brandy sauce
osso buco
beef bourguignon
eggplant and beef rollatini
shnitzel and sumac slaw

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18 thoughts on “Shavuot Menu Roundup

  1. Thanks so much for all of your recipes & suggestions.

    You posted a link for Bourbon Meatballs, which calls for a pre-made cocktail meatball. If I’m not buying those (I wouldn’t even know who sells them), how would I prepare the meat?

    1. Hi Rivky, I’m actually going to remove that link because I see it uses worcestershire sauce too (which is made from fish). This was an update of an old roundup from 2014, so I don’t know what I was thinking including that recipe! If you want to make it though, I would make a basic meatball with some ground beef, flavored bread crumbs, an egg, salt and pepper. Good luck!

      1. Chani, they do make Kosher worcestershire sauce. I mean, I have a Jewish brand in my pantry that is fish-free.

  2. Hi,

    I am loving your carb free milchig recipes. I plan on making a few of them for shavuos, in particular the eggplant, spaghetti squash and zucchini.

    Can they be made in advance and frozen?

  3. Is the beer brisket easily reheated? Having a lot of company last day of Shavuos, and this would be an easy thing to serve, but does it make enough gravy to stop from drying out with reheating?

    1. I think there should be enough gravy, if I remember correctly (I haven’t made this in a long time), if not, you can just add some boxed stock to the gravy when rewarming.

  4. I love these menus!
    Thank you so much!
    Wondering about the 3 cheese broccoli buns- when do you freeze before or after baking ? and how do you re-warm?

    Thanks again!

  5. I’m not sure how I stumbled onto your website, but I am NEVER leaving!! I never find menus where I’d use the whole thing. I always take maybe one or two recipes and then change them drastically, but I took your whole menus and didn’t want to change anything. Thank you!!

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